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We will help manage students’ university application process, guide the students to draft their personal essays and polish university application materials. We will inform the students of various programs and schools, evaluate their likelihood of being admitted into the universities and offer consultation on how to strengthen their background to increase their competitiveness.

After the students receive the offer(s), our advisor will help the students to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each university and decide the most suitable program and school for the students.

According to the students’ grades and strengths and weaknesses, our academic consultants will suggest the best suitable courses. Students will have the privilege of choosing their favourite high school tutors and selecting courses such as IELTs and compition courses that they are interested in. They may be eligible for a discount.

They will receive tuition and mentorship from master’s students, Doctoral students and young professionals at Uforse.


Guided by our consultants, students will set goals and plans for personal and academic development. Students will meet with our consultants each month to go over questions regarding programs, university, course selection, recommendation letters and so on. We will recommend appropriate volunteer positions for students based on their interests and career plan. In addition, Uforse will also provide VIP students with an opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurial project, and an opportunity to improve their leadership skills in an event organized by Uforse. The consultant will also provide tutoring for university-level projects, help students polish their resumes, and articulate their experience.


Uforse students will have the privilege of applying for over 40 leadership positions, participating in over 20 university competitions, joining over 10 internships with well-known companies, student union volunteers and entrepreneurship opportunities, and student may volunteer in Toronto with over 50 high-quality community opportunities. All Internships, competitions, projects, and volunteer positions are open to our VIP students in advance to ensure interview offers.




Uforse is the most famous high school education brand in North America, which have supported over 3000 students in two years and received thousands of top universities offers
The three campuses of Uforse span across the Greater Toronto Area, with a five-star office building in an excellent location, providing a superior and comfortable learning environment.




Education pattern of “Tutor, mentor, consultant” that originally developed by Uforse, aims to comprehensively improve the student from their academical grade and background, with both online and offline guidance. Also, Uforse provides all kinds of services such as high school courses, language improvements, academic planning, university application and volunteer in Toronto, making Uforse the most professional and influential education institution and consultant in Toronto
Uforse has established three major leadership development platforms, and has collaborated with the Canadian government, top companies in Canada and China, and prestigious universities including the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto Rotman Business School to provide opportunities for leadership development.




90% of the mentors and instructors at Uforse Education graduated from the top 30 universities in the world and the world’s top 500 enterprises. Our instructors focus equally on both academic and career development. We have the most professional and accomplished instructors, who will guide you on your path to success.

Data at Uforse



Admission Data

Admission Data

Admissions data from top universities

Grades of Uforse students who were admitted into top universities in 2019

Uforse students account for 40% of International Chinese students who get into Rotman Business School, which means

4 out of 10 Chinese students at Rotman Business School were Uforse students.

Admissions data from top universities. After receiving tutoring at Uforse Education, the average grade increased by over 11 points, accounting for 75%, and the highest scores increase was over 30 points.

80% of Uforse students improved their IELTS scores by 1-1.5 points

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