WSSC is an organization that offers Canadian high school students with a community and online communication platform. It is dedicated to share interesting stories of students’ lives, expand social circles and facilitate academic conversations so that international students can feel a sense of belonging in a foreign country. At present, WSSC has organized a number of activities, including basketball games, High Park Cherry Blossom Season Hiking, Chinese New Year celebrations and so on. In the future, to reach out to more students, we will not only emphasize more on academic development and university applications but also plan more activities that are exciting and fun for you!

WSSC President

Helen Zhang

Uforse WSSC Leadership Platform Leader, Undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Business. Helen’s goal is to provide a platform for the high school students to connect, share and grow.


Uforse Volunteers Association (UVA) was founded in 2017. It is one of the three Uforse Education Leadership Training Platform. Its goal to help high school students to reach their required volunteer hours. Within only eight months, the UVA had gathered about 30 valuable volunteer opportunities that contributed to a total of up to 2800 volunteer hours. This means that every student gets an average of 4-10 volunteer hours each time. Currently, we have established long-term collaboration with over 50 volunteering organizations in Toronto to provide better and meaningful volunteer activities for everyone.

UVA President:

Nancy Hou:

Uforse UVA leader, Undergraduate Student at Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto. Nancy is passionate about volunteer work. She founded a volunteer club in her first year at university. The reason why she established UVA is to provide volunteer opportunities for more students and provide a richer and better volunteer experience.



In collaboration with Uforse Education and Pearl Platform, Canada High School Live Video Club launched the CTC live video project, also called the Communication Teamwork Collaboration (CTC). The CTC project is operated like a start-up company that cooperates with the live video platform. The goal is to reduce the misunderstanding and miscommunication between high school students in China and Canada, so that students in China can also feel the cultural environment in a foreign country, and better understand the joy and struggles of International Students. Meanwhile, the CTC platform also provides students with a platform to showcase their presentation skills and participate in long-term and meaningful volunteer positions. By managing the CTC platform in a way similar to operating a company, the students can explore entrepreneurship and business operation in a risk-free environment. Students will grow personally in various aspects like patience, perseverance, motivation, leadership through teamwork and conflict resolution.

CTC President:


Uforse CTC live video platform co-founder and leader. Undergraduate student at Queen’s University School of Business. Sylvia’s goal is to allow more international students to experience business operations and teamwork.

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