[Public welfare APP lecture] Super background improvement opportunities, high school students who want to apply for computer, engineering, and business majors, come and join


Since the end of the public welfare lecture for Oakville high school students on January 27, 2024, Yingshi has received praise from many students and parents. Yingshi will regularly hold offline + online public welfare lectures in the future to help high school students on their way to further education. The most powerful backup force!

During last week’s lecture, students were very interested in the VolunTrack App independently developed by senior student Leo (currently a first-year student majoring in computer engineering at the University of Toronto) . We were fortunate to have Leo come to the British Lions campus to share his entrepreneurial experience alone. We also hope to recruit some like-minded partners to join the R&D and publicity team~


Introduction by Senior Leo

Leo - a male god with high IQ and high EQ who has the appearance of a boy band and is 1.88 meters tall.


I have been studying in Canada for six years and am currently a freshman in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. Full stack engineer, good at using programming languages ​​such as C, C#, python, JavaScript, html, open source frameworks such as React JS, React Native, Unity engine and cloud platforms such as AWS. Proficient in adjusting and optimizing large language models, and have in-depth understanding of machine learning frameworks and Prompt Engineering, including the use of tools such as LangChain for LLM software development. He has many mature practical project management experiences, founded and led the operation of a non-profit organization, and led the team to develop a variety of different types of cross-platform software and iterate multiple development cycles. From the second year of high school to now, he has led the team to develop a charity APP that serves high school students and launched it online. Please stay tuned ~

Uforse Education

What is VolunTrack App?

VolunTrack App provides a convenient volunteer search platform for Canadian high school students in grades 9-12, providing high school students with more high-quality volunteer opportunities and shortening the time it takes for students to find volunteers. Make it easier for students to participate in community service, enrich their personal experiences, and fully prepare for their future studies and careers.

Uforse Education

What does the VolunTrack Org. team do?

We are committed to using innovative technology to connect volunteers and non-profit organizations . We focus on enriching the educational experience of high school students , providing students in grades 9-12 with hands-on experience in web design, development and marketing .

Uforse Education

VolunTrack Org. Team Recruitment Positions

  • Front-end development

Job Responsibilities: Create user interface

Recommended skills:

1. Interested in front-end frameworks and languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

2. Understand the general logic of programming

3. Willing to adapt and learn new front-end development technologies

4. Have strong logical thinking ability

5. Good at teamwork

  • Backend development:

Job Responsibilities : Set up the application's backend and ensure it runs properly

Recommended skills:

1. Interested in servers, databases, data management, application logic, API, etc.

2. Willing to adapt and learn new front-end development technologies

3. Ability to solve problems

4. Good at teamwork

  • Marketing/Operations:

Job Responsibilities: Build interactive relationships between products and users

Recommended skills:

1. Have interest in marketing field

2. Willing to learn relevant knowledge

3. Be highly organized

4. Good at communication and developing interpersonal relationships

5. Have a certain degree of creativity

  • software design:

Job Responsibilities: User Interface Design

Recommended skills:

1. Have relevant experience in software design

2. Ability to create product prototypes (if applicable)

3. Familiar with interface design tools, such as figma

Uforse Education

VolunTrack Org. Team Onboarding Process

Step 1: Register
* Follow the prompts on our website/offline lectures and complete the registration.

Step 2: Fill in the details
* After registration, applicants will receive an email containing a link to a Google form, please fill out the form to provide detailed personal information and volunteer preferences.

Step 3: Wait for preliminary review of information
* We will conduct a preliminary review of your form and select suitable applicants to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Receive an interview invitation
* Applicants who pass the preliminary review will receive an interview invitation. Please follow the instructions in the email to arrange an interview time.

Step 5: Attend the interview

Step 6: Interview Assessment and Feedback

Step 7: Officially join

* Successful applicants will receive a formal invitation to join. Step 8: Attend training and orientation meeting

The VolunTrack App R&D team created by Mr. Leo has an exclusive cooperation with Yingshi Education . Students of Yingshi Education will give priority to high-quality volunteer opportunities and have the opportunity to join the R&D and publicity team. The volunteer experience will be an advantage for students applying for computer, engineering, and Strong background improvement for business and other majors!

Uforse Education

What can you gain by joining the VolunTrack Org. team?

  1. Acquisition of practical skills . Be able to participate in non-theoretical, real social experiences outside of school and gain real practical experience.

  2. Personal growth and self-confidence improvement. In our projects, students will face new challenges and learn to solve problems in the process of completing tasks.

  3. Career preparation and resume building. Upon completion of the project, students can significantly enhance the attractiveness of their resumes, which directly reflect their technical abilities and practical skills.

  4. Those with outstanding performance will receive a letter of recommendation from the founding team .

  5. Proof of volunteer hours . The recommended volunteer time per week is 5-8 hours, either online or offline.

Public welfare lecture information

Lecture time: February 11, 2024 2:00-3:30 PM (Sunday)

Lecture location: North York area of ​​Toronto (specific location will be announced later)

Participants: Canadian high school students and undergraduates in grades 9-12


There are limited places for offline lectures. Online real-time ZOOM broadcast

There is a lucky draw, which can be participated both online and offline

Add Yingshi Academic Advisor to register for public lectures


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