On October 6, 2019, IELTS official IDP Education Group and Uforse Education formally reached a strategic partnership . As the first group of education companies to formally establish a partnership with IDP, UION Education will make better use of it in the future. The superior resources and rich experience of both parties provide students with more professional, efficient and cutting-edge IELTS related training services.

At the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation, the representatives of IDP Education Group, Monica Aguirre and Zest Zhang, on behalf of IDP, officially awarded the certificate of partner of UIONS Education Group!

Introduction of IDP IELTS X Uforse education strategic cooperation

In this strategic cooperation agreement, IDP Education Group and British Uforse Education have reached a series of consensuses on education and services for overseas students, agreeing with each other's achievements and achievements in their respective fields, and the concept of service also coincides. In order to provide the most professional, excellent and effective study abroad programs for the majority of international students, it has been well received by students and parents, so we have become each other's ideal partners!

We have reached the following cooperation:

First , as a partner, Uforse Education will obtain the latest IELTS syllabus information provided by IDP IELTS official , the latest test requirement information and scoring standards and a series of the most comprehensive preparation materials. Therefore, in the IELTS training course of Uforse , we will also refer to and use the latest syllabus materials to help students prepare for the IELTS test most effectively and improve their English skills.

The IELTS tutors of Uforse Education will receive the official IDP IELTS training on a regular basis. Through regular communication and answering questions with the official IELTS personnel, they will obtainUforse the latest IELTS test information and syllabus standards, so as to apply them to the IELTS course and fully integrate the IELTS course products of Uforse . It conforms to the latest IELTS syllabus and is practically applied to classroom teaching.

IDP IELTS officially provides a series of official practice materials to Uforse Education . In the Uforse IELTS course, the most authoritative IELTS preparation materials will be used to help students practice and prepare for the test.

Through the Online Seminar officially organized by IDP IELTS, students of the United Uforse can participate to ask questions about the IELTS test to IELTS experts.

In the series of lectures to be held by Uforse in the future, IDP IELTS official staff will be invited to explain the IELTS test preparation knowledge and test preparation , and provide students with first-hand IELTS test information!

All students who sign up for the IELTS course (1V1/small class) of 40HRS and above will receive an official IELTS mock test (computer-based test) provided by the IDP IELTS official to the partner, and will be scored by the official IELTS examiner , including specific evaluations IELTS score report !

雅思全项课程(80小时) - Uforse Education
IELTS full course (80 hours)
雅思全项课程(80小时) - Uforse Education
IELTS full course (80 hours)
IELTS full course (80 hours)

IELTS full course (80 hours)

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Course Highlights:

In cooperation with the IELTS official IDP, we will regularly update the question bank from the official website, get the latest real questions, and reasonably judge the trend of the questions.

Such as: such as our exclusive access to reading, writing, listening, speaking and other subject breakdowns.

We judge according to the latest official IELTS test: the difficulty of reading the first article is increasing and the difficulty of reading the third article is decreasing

Full coverage curriculum system. 80 hours to conquer the 4 major modules of listening, speaking, reading and writing respectively, 6 years of IELTS teaching experience tutor 1v1 for guidance, from laying a solid English foundation, aiming at improving the ability to use English, quickly connect the IELTS test skills, and carry out efficient preparation training for students, according to Students need to customize the class time ratio of different modules. CBC tutors from famous schools answer questions in a centralized manner. After class, they will sort out the lecture notes synchronously through the UIONS online intelligent system to consolidate their learning. Up to now, Ulion has helped 1000+ students improve their IELTS scores in a short period of time!

For people

G10-G12 Preparing for IELTS 0 Basic Roast Duck

Students who have taken the IELTS test and have a certain IELTS foundation for self-study, hope to break the IELTS score of 6.5-7+ as soon as possible

Students who are applying for college and hope to be able to raise points in a short term

Students who have a weak IELTS foundation and hope to sort through the curriculum system