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My teaching style is encouraging and leading. I hope to relieve the pressure of the students through my guidance. At the same time, I also hope that through my combing, students can find the direction they really like, and profoundly change the learning state from the heart to improve the overall efficiency. I will carefully help the student go through every material she needs to apply, and design a full and strong application image. I am good at turning disadvantages into advantages into the application materials, so as to make the application foolproof and achieve the highest application results. At the same time, I am also very good at social communication coaching, such as networking, how to communicate effectively with admission recruiters, how to find and express my strengths and express them in a reasonable way at a reasonable time. I hope that through my help, all the students who are not so high in their grades but have dreams can go further and further.


I focus on Canada's Top Bbusiness School and Master of Education
Degree application. Has a deep understanding and experience of the Canadian education system, and is well versed in the focus of essay writing and admissions officers evaluating application materials. Each school has its own style and characteristics, so the combination of personal background and school characteristics in the essay is also the key to gaining admission. I am currently studying psychology and tutor-related courses, and I am particularly good at communicating with students to help students tap and detail their personal advantages; and because of my continuous improvement in English writing, my students' essays are unique , the article structure and wording are both professional and beautiful. In the process of essay tutoring, I will help students to accurately locate, but not limit students' dream space. In my opinion, the process of counseling essays is not just about counseling essays, but also should sound academic and career planning.


Hello everyone! I'm Charlotte, currently at Western
Studying in Neuroscience at University, I hope to provide companionship, guidance and help to those of you who are willing or are applying for MSc postgraduate studies or entering Academia. For those of you who are confused about these questions, we can face it together: What kind of preparations do you need to make if you want to step into the field of scientific research? How can I tell if this supervisor is suitable? How to judge the degree of matching their research projects with their own interests and abilities? What kind of application can catch the eye of the tutor and win the interview? How can I lock in research funding and scholarships? I will take everyone to plan, set a timeline, establish phased goals, and magnify my advantages during the application season to submit a perfect application answer sheet. Finally, I sincerely hope that no matter what field or career path you are in, you can find a suitable mentor for you, inspire you to make progress, and help you succeed


Hello everyone, my job is mainly to help you research the situation and application requirements of various graduate schools in the early stage of application, so that you can have a simple understanding of the projects you want to apply for, and at the same time help you choose the schools you want to apply for according to your own conditions. school, so as to better prepare yourself for the next application. If you do not have enough time in your busy work or study to look up a large amount of information to compare the various college systems, or you are more confused about which colleges to apply for, then I am willing to help you straighten out your ideas, according to your own Goal pick the best school for you :)

In fact, I don't just check the program of a certain major. I will check the requirements of which major the student wants to apply for. For example, I have already checked cs, math, business,
pharmacy, info studies, etc., so to sum up, I am mainly doing data research at present~ Then if students sign up, they will arrange tutors for this major to give them advice and suggestions.

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Interview system and question bank

- On the day of recording, it will be recorded in real time with students

- Face-to-face interview coaching

- Received positive comments from students as follows

Typical student case

Class L is a typical low GPA high admitted student. Through the early planning of the Ulion team, the guidance of the mentor and the efforts in the right direction, L student found the internship and the research experience of the university, and confirmed that he wanted to study the major of big data analysis, and has been working hard to improve his background and expand his contacts. Although grades and technical ability are not her strengths, but through the correct guidance of the tutor in the internship and research, she helps L classmates to find their own clear position in the work so as to highlight their personal abilities, and effectively explain the impact of the work throughout the application. And industry knowledge, and finally get graduate offers and full-time offers that exceed your expectations. In the three rounds of interviews for graduate students, we designed personal branding for her, which made her more mature and mature from all angles, and highlighted her communication strengths and networking skills. In the end, classmate L chose to go to graduate school first and postponed his full-time Consulting Offer. Student L is also our old student, and we are very happy that we have won several ideal offers for Student L again.

Offer: NYU, University of Toronto MMA $5000 Entrance Scholarship

Score overview: cGPA3.02 (University of Toronto, Department of Computing and Statistics)

Classmate A has very good grades and excellent technical ability, but has no internship and work experience, and the undergraduate school is not outstanding. During the application process, we designed a program for him to highlight his academic and technical abilities, which amazes admissions officers. At the same time, in the interview, let her highlight her Math and statistics skills to make up for the lack of experience background. By allowing her to supplement research and improve her professional knowledge in data analysis, she has shown her research, interest, and deep understanding of the industry to improve her competitiveness. On the other hand, we also specially designed an exclusive background enhancement project for her as the icing on the cake. In the end, I got a 10,000 scholarship. Student A is also our former student. I am very happy that Student A trusted Ying Lion all the way and finally won several offers from top prestigious schools and scholarships this time.

Offer: Oxford University, University of Toronto MMA , University of Toronto Applied Computing, $10,000 Scholarship

Score overview: cGPA 3.9 (ranked 100~150 third-tier schools in the United States)

S Cadet is an early admission to the LSE postgraduate study. Student S was also applying for a bachelor's degree at the U.S. Lions, so he knew the importance of university activity experience. Although there is no North American internship experience, S students know how to participate in meaningful activities at the university, have accumulated rich experience, and demonstrated good leadership. Similar to this postgraduate application, when applying for an undergraduate degree, the tutor of Ulion also designed the application image for the students, highlighting S's rich experience in activities, social skills, and communication skills, making her the only 4 in the whole academic year. Chinese students are admitted to Queen's Business School. At that time, I also received admission letters from many business schools such as Rotman and UBC.

Offer: LSE Early Admission

Grade Overview: GPA 3.6

Applying to Graduate Students FAQs

Generally, students start to collect postgraduate information in their junior year. It is suggested that students in their freshman and sophomore years should participate more in school activities and clubs, actively look for internship opportunities, and start internships during the summer vacation of their sophomore year. At the beginning of the third year, you should start preparing for IELTS or TOEFL, GRE or GMAT, recommendation letters, and improve GPA. In the first semester of the senior year (September), you can organize various materials such as language scores, transcripts, personal statements, resumes, etc., and start submitting applications

Generally speaking, TOP30 universities in North America require TOEFL 100+, IELTS 6.5+, GPA3.5+, GRE 320+/GMAT 700+

Whether you take the GRE or the GMAT depends on what major the student wants to apply for. If students want to apply for MBA, finance, accounting and other business majors, they should take the GMAT. Most of the majors outside the business school accept GRE, such as liberal arts majors, chemistry, engineering and other science and engineering majors, etc. These majors mainly accept GRE scores

The deadline for postgraduate applications varies according to different universities and colleges and different majors. Generally concentrated between November and January. Students should check the application deadline and other information on the school's official website in advance, so as not to miss the application time

Generally, the admission result will be known within one to two months after the application has been submitted. If the school or major you are applying for has an interview, you can ask the interviewer when the admission result will generally be received.

In fact, although the time to prepare for the postgraduate application in the third year is tight, it is still too late. In the summer of the junior year, you can do a background promotion through an internship. Usually communicate with professors of various subjects, let the professors get acquainted with you, and you can ask them for recommendation letters in the future. Take the time to get your language scores and GRE/GMAT scores. At the same time, you can't relax and keep improving your GPA.

- Generally speaking, graduate students in Canada generally do not need GRE/GMAT, but there are also a small number of programs that require students to provide GRE/GMAT, depending on different schools and different majors.
- Graduate students in the United States generally require GRE/GMAT for business and science and engineering, and most literature and history subjects do not require GRE/GMAT. Of course, it depends on the specific requirements of the school's official website.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

- First of all, you need to know the programs you like or related to your major, and then according to the rankings of the universities, go to the official websites of different schools to check whether the schools offer your favorite programs, and do some related research on them, and then compare which one Which school program is right for you?
- There are also students who want to think about whether to return to work in China after graduation, or plan to find a job in North America, or continue to study for a Ph.D. If students want to return to work after graduation, they must consider the actual situation of domestic employment, and the country may be more recognized by famous schools. Therefore, when applying for graduate students, you need to consider the ranking of the school, and give priority to the major that is better in the famous school. If students want to stay in North America for employment after graduation, the school's ranking is not as important as it is in the country. The primary consideration for students is what you can learn in this program and whether it will be helpful to your future work; whether the school can provide good job resources and opportunities to help you get a better job after graduation.

- Some graduate programs are divided into course based and research based. Course based is mainly based on employment; research based is mainly based on research. Course based master generally takes one to two years, and you can graduate with full credits and then get a job.
- In addition to taking classes, Research based masters need to do projects, write graduation thesis, etc. Generally, a graduation thesis is submitted for graduation. Generally, research based students will apply to continue their Ph.D. or further study in this field after graduation.

- Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto; Richard Ivey School of Business - University of Western Ontario; Queens School of Business - Queen's University; Sauder School of Business - UBC; Desautels School of Management - McGill University; Schulich School of Business - York University, etc.

- When choosing a business school, it should be career-oriented, and location is a key factor to consider. If you plan to work in North America after graduation, then studying in a business school in a big city or its surrounding means you can get more internship and job opportunities.

- In addition to the hardware requirements for academic performance, applying for business programs also needs to increase the competitive advantage from the soft background. Students need to participate in extracurricular activities, rich social practice experience to enhance their background. For example, business-related internship experience in banks, securities institutions, investment banks, accounting firms, etc. will not only enrich the content of your documents, but will also add points to project applications.

- In addition, it is not necessary to take CPA or CFA and other qualification certificates to apply for North American business schools, but many students have already obtained CPA or CFA level 1 when they graduate from senior year, so they are more capable than other students who have not obtained CPA or CFA. Competitiveness.

- Generally, students without a business background can also apply for financial engineering, and students with backgrounds in mathematics, economics, statistics, computers, engineering, etc. are also very welcome applicants.
- Financial engineering generally has three branches: financial engineering, mathematical finance and financial mathematics.
- Financial engineering, mainly using mathematical models and computer knowledge to realize investment portfolio design, risk control, asset value calculation, etc. in the financial field.
- Mathematical finance refers to solving financial problems in a mathematical and computerized mode, performing more complex financial analysis on a series of financial instruments of the company, etc. This major has high requirements for mathematics professional level. .
- Financial mathematics, mainly using events in the field of mathematics to conduct in-depth research on the equilibrium of financial markets and the mathematical theory of securities pricing, so establish appropriate mathematical models, simulate the results of theoretical research, and analyze actual data. Econometric analysis research, this major is more inclined to recruit applicants with undergraduate backgrounds in mathematics, computing and physics.

- Finance is also a very popular business major, with three branches: pure finance, management class (MBA), and financial engineering.
- Pure finance is more inclined to financial knowledge learning in quantitative analysis; MBA is more inclined to knowledge learning in financial company management; financial engineering is a comprehensive application of knowledge in the three fields of finance, mathematics and computer science, through the establishment of financial mathematical models , thereby solving the problem.

- It is more difficult to apply for the MBA program than other business majors. Generally, applicants are required to have several years of work experience in related fields.
- MBAs are generally divided into two types: two-year and one-year programs. The two-year program generally has no direction in the first year, and all students need to study basic courses in various fields, such as finance, finance, data analysis, etc. In the second year, you will study specialized courses in different directions. The one-year course is suitable for professionals with good work experience and long-term work experience. Generally, applicants are required to have a professional background such as business, economics or science and technology.

研究生申请package - Uforse Education
Graduate application package
Graduate application package
研究生申请package - Uforse Education

Graduate application package

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  1. Information collection to match suitable tutors

  2. Comprehensive analysis of the form survey of school projects in the direction of interest (program, school, requirement, deadline, ranking, characteristics-internship, etc.)

  3. school selection session

  4. Application preparation plan (how to get good recommendation letters, how to impress admissions officers, etc.)

  5. Select a session in syllabus

  6. Email writing, troubleshooting, communication with schools

Application Guidance

  1. Application Notes word document, and link collection

  2. Application progress monitoring

  3. deadline reminder

  4. todo list combing

  5. Q&A in the instructor group

Application Counseling (2 sessions, one hour at a time)

  1. resume Edit polish

  2. Textbook content guidance, revision, polish Polish

Video interview coaching (3 sessions, two hours at a time)

  1. video interview questions

  2. Interview question bank practice and answer sorting

  3. Video interview notes and templates

  4. How to deal with emergencies

  5. Time-limited writing topic sorting and practice

  6. Real-time recording with students on the day of recording

  7. face-to-face interview coaching