The first planning education institution to cooperate with CPA certification in October 2020!

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Chinese is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Many accounting students also know that,

Choosing an accounting major means that you need to be certified,

The most I've heard is CPA.

What is the CPA High School Student Ambassador Program?

In order to help students who want to study accounting in the future to improve their employability and expand their professional network,

The Ontario Institute of Certified Public Accountants has established a career counseling platform for high school students - the High School Student Ambassador Program.

By participating in this program, you will represent the image of the Ontario Institute of Certified Public Accountants,

Interact with other accounting and business students.


CPA Ontario Certified Uforse Education Partner

At present, Uforse Education has officially become a certified partner of CPA Ontario.

Become a High School CPA Student Ambassador through Uforse 

The CPA Ontario High School Ambassador Program is designed to strengthen the network of high school students in the accounting field. The program can help participating students to enhance their employability, while also helping to showcase the CPA brand image to your classmates and industry partners. During the program you will receive training and support to take the next step in your career.


Advantages of being a CPA High School Student Ambassador?

  1. To be the link between Ontario CPA and high school students;

  2. Help organize Ontario CPA events such as orientation week, career fairs and lectures;

  3. Enjoy exclusive access to Ontario CPA events;

  4. Develop public speaking, communication and leadership skills;

  5. Receive recognition for achievement at the end of the year, including personalized letters of recommendation;

  6. As an ambassador, have the chance to win the Ambassador of the Year award;

What are the tasks of the CPA High School Student Ambassador?

  • Assist with event promotion through social media, school announcements and classroom visits, distributing CareerConnect registration forms to promote the program to students at your school.

  • Complete temporary assignments that help promote the CPA brand to faculty, students, and the community