Uforse Toronto offline activities

GPS Genius Service Center World Autism Awareness Day press conference, the founder of Yingshi Education attended and gave a speech as a sponsor

The founder of GPS founded Gifted People Services (GPS) in 2012 , aiming to help more autistic people and families get support and help, such as applying for government subsidies and opening special education courses for them, providing a haven for children and parents to share joy and sorrow, learn and grow together.

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Oakville High School offline lecture review: The secret to improving students’ academic performance planning and participation in extracurricular activities!

As a high school student, you

Confused about how to make a smooth transition to college?

How to improve your background to apply for your dream school? What major to choose?

What kind of extracurricular activities do you participate in?

Last Saturday, British Lion Education prepared an offline lecture in Oakville to share,

All the questions of high school students and parents solved!

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[Public welfare APP lecture] Super background improvement opportunities, high school students who want to apply for computer, engineering, and business majors, come and join

Since the end of the public welfare lecture for Oakville high school students on January 27, 2024, Yingshi has received praise from many students and parents. Yingshi will regularly hold offline + online public welfare lectures in the future to help high school students on their way to further education. The most powerful backup force!

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British Lion Education Awards OTLF Youth Charity Concert, work together to build a road to public welfare

OTLF held its 6th Youth Charity Concert. As an annual sponsor, British Lion Education held an award ceremony for the children and was committed to contributing to charity in Ontario. The Outstanding Youth Leadership Foundation (OTLF) was registered in 2017. OTLF's goal is to bring young people into dialogue with Canada's mainstream elites and leaders through social charity activities.

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Suggestions from Rose, a graduate student at the University of Toronto

Teacher Yvonne from Queen's University Business School