Oakville High School offline lecture review: The secret to improving students’ academic performance planning and participation in extracurricular activities!

Oakville高中线下讲座回顾: 加高学生课业成绩规划和课外活动参与大揭秘!

As a high school student, you

Confused about how to make a smooth transition to college?

How to improve your background to apply for your dream school? What major to choose?

What kind of extracurricular activities do you participate in?

Last Saturday, British Lion Education prepared an offline lecture in Oakville to share,

All the questions of high school students and parents solved!


Offline lecture topics

In this offline lecture, we will delve into the topics that high school students and their parents are most concerned about:

• How to make a smooth transition from high school to freshman?

• How do high school students find the development and career direction that suits them?

• How do high school students find a major that suits them?

• What extracurricular activities and clubs are available to high school students?

• How many volunteer hours are needed for high school students to apply to top colleges?

• What business competitions can high school students participate in to increase their competitiveness?

• What do high school students need to prepare to avoid being eliminated in their freshman year?

• Is it necessary to participate in scientific research?



Preparation before the start of the lecture

Before the lecture even started, everyone arrived early and the seats were packed~



Offline lecture guests


Teacher John shared

First of all, how to develop a personalized application strategy, improve comprehensive competitiveness, and how to select courses and majors for university application based on personal interests and career development . This information is undoubtedly very valuable guidance for students who are about to enter the college application stage.

Secondly, John introduced the Uforse High School Business Competition, which is an excellent opportunity for students to practice their business skills and teamwork abilities. He emphasized the practicality of the competition and the importance of cultivating students' entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraged students to actively participate and exercise their talents in the business field. The theme preview of the 2024 British Lions Business Competition - How to use artificial intelligence to improve education. John revealed to us the theme of this annual business competition. The selection of the theme involves current affairs, business trends and other aspects, which will provide participants with a A broader platform for thinking and presentation.

Finally, John announced to everyone the volunteer recruitment plan for British Lions volunteers. Participating in volunteer activities will not only enhance students' resumes, but it is also an excellent opportunity to develop their leadership and teamwork spirit. We encourage interested students to actively participate and become part of the activities.


Sharing by student guests in offline lectures

Leo - A male god with high IQ and high emotional intelligence who has the appearance of a boy band and is 1.88 meters tall.

I have been studying in Canada for six years and am currently a freshman in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto . Full stack engineer, good at using programming languages ​​such as C, C#, Python, JavaScript, html, open source frameworks such as React JS, React Native, Unity engine and cloud platforms such as AWS. Proficient in adjusting and optimizing large language models, and have in-depth understanding of machine learning frameworks and Prompt Engineering, including the use of tools such as LangChain for LLM software development. He has many mature practical project management experiences, founded and led the operation of a non-profit organization, and led the team to develop a variety of different types of cross-platform software and iterate multiple development cycles . From the second year of high school to now, he has led the team to develop a charity APP that serves high school students and launched it online. Please stay tuned ~

With the help of Yingshi, we help Leo develop better by providing him with personalized academic and career planning. including but not limited to:

Academic Tutoring Services: Through communication with professional tutors, Yingshi is able to understand students' interests, skills and career goals, and provide personalized academic advice to help students plan academic courses and projects that are suitable for them.

Career planning: Based on skills and interests, Yingshi may provide career planning suggestions to explore Leo's future development direction in the field of computer engineering, including possible internships, projects and career opportunities.

Social and networking opportunities: Through events organized by British Lions, Leo had the opportunity to connect with other students with common interests in the field of computer engineering to share experiences, learning and collaboration.

Senior Leo shares some wonderful moments

Coco - a woman who combines beauty and talent

Currently studying in Grade 11 at Oakville Trafalgar HS . He has a wide range of interests and hobbies. He likes dancing and established his own dance club in school. As the president, he choreographed and personally taught the dances for the group members, and finally won the first place in the group in the competition. At the same time, Latin dance is also Coco's specialty, and she has achieved outstanding results in large-scale competitions in China and Canada many times. Such as winning several single championships in the 16/under 18 age group, several combined championships, runner-up in the Challenge Cup, etc. In terms of academics, I am aiming for a top business school and successfully passed the AP Micro and Macroeconomics exam in my 10th grade. At the end of last year, she also cooperated with students from British Lions and participated in the Wharton Business Competition , which improved Coco's organizational and leadership skills and gave Coco a deeper understanding of finance and investment knowledge.

In helping students like Coco, Yingshi usually takes a comprehensive approach to ensure that they can achieve the best level of academic and interest development.

Academic planning: Regarding Coco’s goal of entering a top business school, Yingshi provides professional academic planning advice. This includes developing a reasonable course selection plan and participating in advanced courses or college preparatory programs to ensure that she meets the high standards for business school admission.

Dance interest development and leadership development: As the president of the dance club, British Lions helped Coco further develop her leadership skills. Including training in team management, event organization, and team member coordination to improve her leadership potential and enhance the competitiveness of her university application.

Financial and business knowledge: For Coco’s participation in the Wharton Business Competition, British Lions Club provides additional resources and guidance to enhance her understanding of the financial and business fields, providing professional mentors, organizing participation in business competitions, or introducing internship opportunities , so that she can gain a deeper understanding of this field.

Senior Coco shares some wonderful moments

Hudson - a caring and hard-working top private student with excellent comprehensive ability

Currently studying in the 11th grade of Appleby College, a famous top private school in Canada. At school, I actively participate in various extracurricular activities and strive to broaden my horizons. Outside of academics, Hudson has shown a strong interest in extracurricular activities and social issues, especially the social issue of autism. Hudson is committed to increasing people's awareness and understanding of this field. During the summer when he entered Grade 11, he got a position as a summer paid intern at Gifted People Services (GPS), which was supported by official government funds. During this period, he helped autistic children design academic courses suitable for them, tutored them with homework, participated in activities, and interacted with the children. Research is now underway to help special groups apply for more fund support. He believes that through learning and participation, everyone can contribute something to society. We also look forward to continuing to participate in and promote more meaningful activities in the future!

By providing personalized academic and social planning for Hudson, Yingshi is committed to helping them better develop themselves and achieve their personal and social goals.

Social Responsibility and Volunteer Activities: Yingshi encourages students to actively participate in social responsibility and volunteer activities. In response to Hudson's interests, the British Lions Club provides more academic support on autism and social issues of special groups, and encourages him to continue to engage in related volunteer work.

Professional mentor service: In order to support Hudson’s career interests, Yingshi arranged professional mentors to help him understand and plan his career path more deeply. To help him better develop professional knowledge and skills.

Career planning and internship opportunities: British Lions will work with Hudson to develop a career plan, discuss his future career development direction in the fields that he is good at and interested in, and provide internship opportunities so that he can have a deeper understanding of and participate in relevant work in practice. .

Academic challenge and support: In view of Hudson’s academic excellence, Yingshi helped him deepen his understanding of this topic and further promote the development of related fields through academic research and projects.

Senior Hudson shares some wonderful moments



How students choose what extracurricular activities to participate in while maintaining a balance of academic performance. This is a topic that has attracted much attention, because in this era of information explosion, our students are faced with many choices, and how to allocate time reasonably has become a problem that must be seriously considered.

First, we emphasize the importance of extracurricular activities for the all-round development of students . It is not only academic performance, but also an important way to cultivate students' comprehensive quality. Participating in various extracurricular activities can help students develop leadership, teamwork, communication and other social skills, which are crucial for future careers.

When choosing extracurricular activities, students should choose those activities that can truly stimulate their potential based on their interests, hobbies and personalities. Instead of blindly pursuing quantity, ignoring the depth and connotation of the activity. One deeply engaging activity may yield more than engaging in multiple superficial activities.

Secondly, in terms of maintaining academic balance, we recommend that students and parents establish clear study plans and set reasonable goals .

Parents should actively pay attention to their children's interests and talents, understand their academic performance, and provide appropriate support and advice when necessary. Through full communication with children, we can jointly develop reasonable academic and activity plans to help them better balance their learning and interest development.

Overall, choosing extracurricular activities that suit you and maintaining an academic balance is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. We believe that through rational choices and scientific planning, every student can achieve better results in academic studies and interest development. Thank you all for your participation and support. Let us work together to strive for the all-round growth of students!

*For more exciting details of the lecture, we provide you with a Zoom replay. If you want to relive the highlights of the lecture or have any questions, please add an academic advisor to receive the replay link.

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