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Wharton Global High School Investment Competition

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What is Wharton Business Challenge?

The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition, referred to as "WGHS" in English and "Wharton Business Competition" in Chinese, is officially organized by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (the TOP1 undergraduate business school in US News) . It is open to high school students in grades 9-12 around the world. It is a Wharton system business competition and business practice project. You can personally experience the essence of business and explore the mysteries of investment. For students who aim to major in top economics, finance, mathematics, and statistics, WGHS is undoubtedly a must-have and the most valuable stepping stone ! You will not only be a contestant, but also a candidate for future business leaders .

What is the format of the Wharton Business Challenge?

Wharton Global High School Investment Competition Middle School Students 4-7 Students work in groups and are guided by a teacher as their advisor. Together they learn teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company and industry analysis, and many important aspects of investing.

The team is composed of a mentor, team leader, and members ; the mentor leads the students to learn business and financial knowledge and become familiar with the competition rules; the team leader is the only person with authority over the OTIS virtual trading system; each team member (including the team leader) is responsible for one section.

Students on each team have 10 weeks to buy and sell stocks, develop investment strategies, analyze industries and companies, and build a portfolio using $100,000 in virtual cash to invest on a simulation platform.

Wharton Business Competition competition process?

September 10, 2023 —Registration deadline

September 25, 2023 —The first day of virtual investment begins

October 13, 2023—

Submit your first stock purchase transaction

October 30, 2023 – Submission of interim report

December 1, 2023—

Last day of trading, trading platform closed

December 11, 2023 – Final report submission

January 2024 – Semi-finals (top 50 teams) announced

March 2024 —Online semi-finals

April 2024 —Grand Finals and Global Closing Ceremony

How valuable is the Wharton Business Challenge?

• The Wharton Business Competition is the world's highest-level and most authoritative investment competition for high school students. It is the key to top Ivy League schools and shapes future leaders.

• Under the business school teaching model, students will gain in-depth knowledge in diverse aspects such as economics, finance, risk management, investment strategies, finance and analysis .

• Obtain honors such as Wharton Business School certificates and global finals, and have the opportunity to obtain official Wharton Business School certificates , as well as recommendation letters signed by Wharton professors and Wall Street investment bank mentors, which will increase the competitiveness of university application background.

• Get to know outstanding peers from all over the world, develop important skills such as management and teamwork, and accumulate initial contacts.

Professional tutor

• BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford ( one of the most difficult subjects to get into at Oxford).

Scored perfect on the high school SAT and received offers from top American schools such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Duke University.

• Ranked among the top 50 in Canada in the CMO Mathematics Competition.

• Has more than 15 years of experience in the investment industry.

• Manage individual private equity funds.

It is believed that high school students can make good use of their own advantages and the return on investment in stocks can exceed that of most Wall Street fund managers.

How can Yingshi help?

• British Lions students can not only register for free through British Lions, but if there are not enough people, British Lions will help students organize a team and find suitable teammates .

• The British Lions Club offers a "Value Investment Course" to help students prepare for the Wharton Business Challenge . The course is personally taught by a private equity founder with an economics and management background from Oxford University . Sign up and consult with the British Lions academic consultants.

• Yingshi has appointed outstanding tutors from the world's top 30 business schools as team teachers to personally lead the team and guide them throughout the process . In order to ensure quality, it is limited to five teams! Sign up early to consult with the Yingshi Academic Advisor and don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Value investing course information

Class start time: September 16, 2023 (all antennas available)

September 27, 2023 (online)

Course Outline:

1. Valuation valuation method

1.1 Financial Analysis Financial Analysis

1.2 Intrinsic Valuation intrinsic valuation method

1.3 Relative Valuation relative valuation method

2. The Value Investing Value Investing

2.1 Investment Philosophy Investment Philosophy

2.2 Portfolio Management Portfolio Management

2.3 Understanding Companies Understanding Companies

3. Beating the Street Beating Wall Street

3.1 Advantages of High Schoolers

Advantages for high school students

3.2 Beating the Street Using

Advantages leverage advantages to beat Wall Street

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