The 6th British Lions University Research Summit 2023 was a complete success!


WSSC & UFORSE jointly organized 2023-2024

The University Seminar Summit was a complete success!

The 6th University Research Summit

The 2023-2024 University Seminar Summit jointly organized by WSSC & UFORSE has invited lecturers with top backgrounds from top 30 prestigious schools in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom , bringing you detailed information on business, engineering, computer, medicine and other majors. Interpretation to protect students who are preparing to apply for college this year. We also invited teachers who previously worked at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto and were also judges of the British Lions Business Competition to provide students with Rotman advice on choosing a major. In addition, there will be two outstanding student representatives from the British Lions who will tell everyone about their growth path. At the end of the meeting, we also have guests sharing Q&A , and students can find teachers to answer questions one-on-one.

Professional lecturer sharing - Paul Chan

Lecturer Paul Chan, as a tutor at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, shared Rotman-related information and application instructions with students.

Professional lecturer sharing - Diane Da

Lecturer Diane Da shared with students information about the development of the healthcare career field , as well as introductions to various medical schools, and how to plan your medical journey.

• Future Career Fields in Healthcare: Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and more

• Ontario medical colleges:

1. McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine

2. Northern Ontario School of Medicin e (Northern Ontario Medical College)

3. University of Ottawa (University of Ottawa)

4. Queen's University

5. University of Toronto

6. Western University: Schulich School of Medicine (University of Western Ontario)

Professional lecturer sharing - John Shi

John, the founder of Yingshi Education, introduced to the students how to choose among the five major business schools in Canada in terms of enrollment numbers, academics, employment, and geographical location , as well as the application conditions and required materials for students:

UofT Rotman U of T Rotman School of Business

• Strong academic atmosphere and theoretical course design

• 97% employment rate within six months of graduation, central location

• High competition pressure and high elimination rate

• Application: 3 time-limited writing pieces, 2 video recordings

Queen's Commerce Smith School of Business, Queen's University

Teamwork is the main focus and the academic atmosphere is excellent

• 97% employment rate within six months after graduation

• Application: Average score of 87 and above, essay and interview

Western Ivey University of Western Ontario Business School

• Case-based teaching, 97% employment rate within 3 months after graduation, average annual salary of $68,873, strong Alumni

• Location: London

• Application: average score of 93 or above, essay and interview, leadership activity background and AEO

York Schulich Schulich School of Business, York University

• Undergraduate BBA, 90% employment rate within three months after graduation, average annual salary $55,605, established business school, enrollment 425-495 people

• Application: average score of 80-90 or above, video interview and paperwork

UBC Sauder University of British Columbia Business School

Focuses on management, relatively trendy, and the academic atmosphere is slightly weaker than other business schools

• The average graduate employment rate within 6 months is 93%, the average salary is $65,192, and the location is in Vancouver

• Application: average score of 84+, recommendation 93+, short essay and video interview

*For more details, please consult the Yingshi Academic Advisor

Professional lecturer sharing - Armaan

Instructor Armaan shared that the DECA Case Competition - case competition for high schools and colleges is an amazing way to build strong communication skills. How to challenge your work and build daily habits, collaborate and interact with many different stakeholders, and learn how to empathize and connect with others.

Professional lecturer sharing - Robert

Lecturer Robert shared an introduction to engineering projects and the application requirements for engineering projects in major universities:

University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering: 1 essay and 2 video questions

University of Waterloo School of Engineering: Interview and AIF (Interests and Goals, Personal Background and Abilities)

McMaster University School of Engineering: Video Interview and Essay

Directions included in engineering : sustainable development and environmental engineering, artificial intelligence (Al) and automation, biotechnology and healthcare engineering, smart cities and infrastructure, space exploration and aerospace engineering, etc.

Professional lecturer sharing - Mango

Lecturer Mango shared information about the computer field and an introduction to the highly valuable computer competition CCC : Why should you study CCC? Analysis from application to university, scholarship application, laying the foundation for university study, internship and work. Lead students to understand CCC questions and prepare for the exam.

Professional lecturer sharing - Han Zifei

Lecturer Han Zifei shared information about the field of AI. Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the skills required by workers. How should we prepare? Embrace the changes brought about by artificial intelligence, multilingual mindsets, and changing skills.

Student experience sharing

Students shared their experiences in entering higher education, university study life, and advice on major selection.

Major selection: First, self-assessment to understand your interests and likes

What to do, what to do well. Learn about different professional fields through lectures or the experience of fellow students. Think about future employment prospects and research the employment prospects and salary levels of different majors. Finally, there are the major requirements. Make sure you understand the requirements of different majors, including the courses to be achieved, internships and related extracurricular practice.

College life: Participate in school/dormitory orientation, join school clubs, and Networking Events.

It is recommended that you plan for yourself in high school, self-evaluate when thinking about your major, and investigate the professional field, future employment prospects, and professional requirements. After entering university, I actively participated in Orientation, expanded my interpersonal relationships, and participated in Networking. When selecting courses, consider teacher ratings and select time slots in advance/start reviewing one week before the exam! If you are looking for an internship, you can try the on-campus Work Study!

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