Yingshi 2023 annual review summary


Yingshi annual review summary

2023 is a year of energy, dedication and growth for us

Over the past year, we have experienced many challenges
There are also many opportunities
We actively participate in various public welfare activities
Educational lectures and volunteer services
Designed to develop student leadership
Stay true to your original aspirations and help you plan to become the person you were fifteen years ago
Let students all over the world embark on a life path that suits them
Grow together and succeed together
Let us review this meaningful time together

British Lions Volunteer Opportunities

In 2023, British Lion Education provides many volunteer opportunities for students, including:

"Artistic Earth" Leadership Environmental Protection Project

December 2023

Lead young volunteers in Toronto to inject new vitality into environmental protection through the combination of art and leadership, making Toronto a more diverse and environmentally aware city.

November 2023

Spending Christmas with autistic children and people with epilepsy

We call on everyone to pay attention to special groups and join hands in joy.

2023 Toronto Lakefront Marathon Volunteers

As a long-term partner of Canadian CRS sports events, Yingshi Education is invited to participate in various CRS activities and events as volunteers every year .

In October 2023, as a long-term partner of Canada's CRS sports events, British Lion Education is invited to participate in various CRS activities and events as volunteers every year .

Canadian Mental Health Mutual Aid Center Intergenerational Interaction Project

September 2023

Establish intergenerational connections among Chinese immigrant seniors, strengthen social connections and alleviate the loneliness of seniors through interactions with Chinese teenagers. Volunteers provide the elderly with learning, social and life information support online.

2023 Sleepless Night Municipal Government Volunteer Recruitment

August 2023

This year is the eighth year of cooperation between British Lions and the Toronto Municipal Government . British Lions mentors have been leading everyone from the interview training of city government volunteers to practical exercises and specific volunteer activity implementation.

Volunteer at GPS Gifted Service Center Summer Camp for Special Children

June 2023

Volunteers participate in summer camp activities

University of Toronto professor leadership improvement lecture volunteer

May 2023

U of T professors share opportunities to learn how to improve your leadership skills.

Doors open Toronto Open House Government Volunteers

April 2023

The public is invited to explore the city's most popular buildings and attractions for free, generating more than 15,000 volunteer hours each year. High-quality government volunteer recruitment interviews, and volunteer hours.

British Lion Exclusive Monet x RED Little Red Book Volunteer Activities

February 2023

Monet will join forces with Xiaohongshu officials to fully empower local Canadian bloggers in terms of platform trends and local operations. Yingshi’s classmates assisted the organizer in setting up the event site.

In addition, there are more high-quality volunteer opportunities:

British Lion Online Lectures and Activities

In 2023, Yingshi Education held online lectures and activities, including:

Online lecture by the founder of Yingshi Education

November 2023

Share his experience and knowledge with fellow students to help them understand how to choose the right major and college based on their interests and goals, and how to prepare to achieve their educational and career goals. The lectures specially set up question and answer sessions to solve each student's personalized problems, equip themselves with knowledge, and make themselves more confident and clear in their future academic and career paths.

MMA Official Admissions Representative Graduate Lecture

April 2023

As a native speaker (native English), Mr. Eric has many years of experience in applying for study abroad. He has in-depth cooperation with the world's top 500 pharmaceutical companies, finance, and communications companies. He is currently focusing on the field of game development. Teacher Eric focuses on fluent communication and language skills in discussing matters. The thinking mode of a Native speaker can help international students show their professional abilities to admissions officers in the fierce competition.

Lecture series at top UK universities

March 2023

Cambridge and Oxford seniors answer online questions. In the lecture series of British Lion Education, the excellent Teacher N and Teacher G of British Lion will give you popular science about Cambridge, Oxford University application, job hunting, scientific research and learning information.

British Lions offline lectures and activities

In 2023, Yingshi Education held many important offline lectures and activities, including:

British Lion Education Awards OTLF Charity Music

November 2023

OTLF held its 6th Youth Charity Concert. As an annual sponsor, British Lion Education held an award ceremony for the children and was committed to contributing to charity in Ontario.

British Lions 6th University Research Summit

October 2023

The 2023-2024 University Seminar Summit jointly organized by WSSC & UFORSE invited lecturers with top backgrounds from the Top 30 prestigious schools in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and brought detailed interpretations of business, engineering, computer, medicine, and other majors. To protect students who are preparing to apply for college this year. We also invited teachers who previously worked at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto to provide students with Rotman advice on choosing a major. In addition, there will be two outstanding student representatives from the British Lions who will tell everyone about their growth path.

Offline meeting with Wharton Asia Board Chairman and OTLF new mentor

July 2023

This meeting invited OTLF’s new tutor Mr. Kenny Lam to Toronto to meet and communicate with the children. The theme of Kenny Lam's meeting and communication with the children this time was "Career Planning Choices/Career Planning Choices".

British Lions’ first extracurricular activities and leadership summit

May 2023

This summit invited the founders of three major public welfare organizations and Yingshi Education, as well as outstanding top business school students to share how young people can improve their leadership and what methods can they use to improve their background? At the same time, the students actively participated in volunteer work, provided venue guidance, organized filming, and all were honored to arrive on time. All students present had the opportunity to communicate and plan with major founders and community organizations.

More event reviews:

Yingshi Artificial Intelligence App
October 2023
In 2023, Yingshi Education developed a smart application App- Uplanner , designed to help users obtain comprehensive information during the university application process and record personal background improvement experiences. By leveraging Inshi's own database and web crawling technology, Uplanner ensures users have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

British Lions receives offers from prestigious schools around the world

April-May 2023

In the 2023 application season, Yingshi Education students won admission notices and scholarships from the world's top schools and majors , and some students even counterattacked and received their dream offers :

(Students without SAT or AP counterattacked and received an offer from New York University)

(University of California-Davis)

(University of California - San Diego)

(University of California - Irvine)

(Biomedical Sciences, King's College London)

(Biomedical Sciences, University of Manchester)

(Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh)

(Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara)

(Biomedical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

(University of Toronto Business School +$7500 scholarship)

(Queen's University Smith School of Business)

(Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (UBC))

(Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario)

(University of Waterloo - Computer Science + Paid Internship)

(University of Waterloo - Mathematics + Paid Internship)

(Applying for planning guidance and successfully getting an offer from a top business school)

(Professional background enhances business competition courses to enhance competitiveness)

(English helps students get all the offers they apply for)

Congratulations to all the students who received offers from their ideal universities.

And thank you to the students and parents for their recognition of Yingshi!


More good news from Yingshi (too many offers):

(Engineering major, University of Toronto)

(Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo)

(Computer Engineering, University of Toronto)

(Computing, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toronto)

(Mathematics and Physics, University of Toronto)

(University of Toronto Management + Scholarships)

(Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto)

(Computer Engineering + Paid Internship + Scholarship at University of Waterloo)

(Biological Sciences, University of Western Ontario)

(Toronto Life Sciences)

(University of Toronto Life Sciences - Biomedicine & Neuroscience)

(York University Biomedical Sciences + $2000 Scholarship)

(Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa)

(McMaster University Life Sciences + $1000 Scholarship)

(Mathematics major at University of Waterloo + paid internship)

(Computer Engineering + Paid Internship at University of Waterloo)

(University of Waterloo Mathematics + FARM major paid internship + $2000 scholarship)

(University of Waterloo AFM major + paid internship)

(Computer science major at Queen's University)

(McGill University Business School)

(University of Toronto engineering, business school, life sciences three campuses + scholarship)

British Lion’s successful offer and favorable comments

November-December 2023

In the application season at the end of 2023, students from British Lion Education received admission notices from major top universities , and also won scholarships of up to 40,000 Canadian dollars :

(Rotman’s interview was well received)

(The student successfully received an offer from the University of Waterloo)

(The student successfully received an offer from Queen’s University)

(The student successfully received an offer from the University of Western Ontario)

(The student successfully received the first paid internship offer)

(The student successfully received an offer+scholarship from the University of Western Ontario)

Congratulations to all the students who received offers from their ideal universities.

And thank you to the students and parents for their recognition of Yingshi!


Looking back on the past year,

We have gone through many challenges,
But a lot of results and progress have also been achieved.
The dedication of each student and the complete success of the event,
Lay a solid foundation for the future.
Thank you to everyone who supports and participates in our activities,
It is because of your support,
We can achieve these things.
In 2024, let us join hands and
Stay true to your original aspirations and help you plan to become the person you were fifteen years ago.
Meet challenges, chase dreams, and succeed together,
Successfully achieve your goals!


-Let students all over the world embark on a life path that suits them-