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WSSC Club Recruitment


Who is WSSC?

WSSC (We Secondary Student in Canada ) is a non-profit organization approved and registered by the Canadian government . It provides comprehensive life, study consultation and friendship services for Canadian high school students. It organizes exchanges, learning and innovation for Canadian high school students and international students. It unites students from all over the world. It builds a platform for students to grow rapidly and unleash their potential internationally .

What has WSSC done?

Since the establishment of WSSC, we have been working hard to help more high school students, from high school basketball games, self-media vlog/plog competitions to university application lectures, from case competitions to high school entrepreneurship competitions, and the first Canada-China Education Planning Seminar and Charity Dinner. At the same time, we have also welcomed a strong lineup of partners .

Action speaks louder than words!

If you join, you can get in touch with international organizations through WSSC/top university student organizations in Canada and the United States/

Leaders/founders of social enterprises etc.

Leave a mark of pride in your high school career and

Add an outstanding experience to your resume!

Finally, you can gain a wonderful communication platform.

A group of like-minded friends and volunteers,

Lay the foundation for your future development!

WSSC Department Introduction


Media Department

Mainly responsible for operation and updating the official accounts of the club on various social media. Regular analysis and collation of user feedback and interactions on official accounts and posts, such as platforms: ins, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Ability to write articles and edit graphics and texts

2. Editing: Those who are good at using editing software, video graphics, website design, etc. are preferred

3. Applicants with self-media or familiarity with various social platforms are preferred

4. Suitable for but not limited to students majoring in media and film, and is helpful for building a portfolio

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is mainly responsible for the publicity and promotion of club activities, and uses its writing skills and knowledge to tell the world about WSSC and Canada.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Strong writing skills and can do basic typesetting design

2. Have aesthetic ability and the ability to understand copywriting

3. Pay attention to current affairs

4. Strong execution and communication skills


Design and organize activities according to the needs of high school students and hot topics. Ensure that the activities are well prepared, carried out during the activities, and ended. Organize materials and experience effectively and smoothly, recruit volunteers, arrange work content, and other related matters.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Have creative ideas for planning activities and be able to put forward substantive plans and suggestions

2. Have execution ability and be able to implement activity plans and ideas

3. Strong communication skills, preferably with experience in organizing activities

4. Have a sense of responsibility and be able to conscientiously implement the details of the activities

External Relations Department

The External Relations Department plays the role of a diplomat for the association. Its main responsibilities include the preparation and coordination of event sponsorship and maintaining close contact with other friendly companies and associations. This is a dynamic job that requires communication and coordination skills in different occasions. In addition, even when there are no specific activities, the External Relations Department will be responsible for part of the platform operation to keep the association's image active.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Good at communicating and negotiating with others, fluent in English

2. Be able to respond flexibly when encountering problems

3. Pay attention to current affairs

4. Good text editing skills

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department plays a key management role in the society. Its main responsibilities include the deployment and management of internal personnel, the rational planning of group members and public materials, and personnel-related work such as recruitment and election. This department not only needs to coordinate the overall operation of the team, but also ensure that the human resources of the society are sufficient and efficiently utilized. It is an indispensable support force in the development of the society.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Have a sense of responsibility, teamwork ability, good at communication

2. Be careful and patient to manage all personnel information and member information

Finance Department

Mainly responsible for communicating and negotiating with various departments, making reasonable budget planning and cooperating with the External Relations Department to find opportunities for external cooperation.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Love making friends and building personal connections

2. Have good communication skills

How to apply to join?


Students can click on the link to fill in the registration form:

We will notify you by email later

Looking forward to your joining!

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