[Volunteer Recruitment] The founder of Yingshi Education was invited to the "2023 Autumn Economic and Trade Summit Forum"


The 2023 Economic and Trade Summit Forum will kick off next Wednesday, October 11, and will last for three days. In this summit forum, four important topics will be discussed in depth, including " the development of cross-border trade in the new era ", " characteristics of education in the new era ", " new trends in consumption patterns " and " trends in investment in the new era " . Each guest speaker will deliver insightful speeches at their respective sub-forums, sharing their insights and practical experience at the forefront of the industry.

The lineup of guests invited to participate in this forum has never been stronger, which fully reflects the great importance and concern that Canada, China, Hong Kong, and neighboring countries attach to economic development. Next, we will focus on introducing the guests who have confirmed to participate in the forum to help everyone quickly understand the agenda and key directions of this forum .

Canadian dignitaries

This autumn economic and trade summit witnessed the active participation of senior officials sent by the three levels of Canadian government and governments from many countries , clearly demonstrating the firm determination of the country and the international community to revitalize the economy. Canada’s Minister of Foreign Trade Promotion and International Trade Development, Ms. Mary Ng , has confirmed that she will attend this Autumn Economic and Trade Summit. Since the Spring Summit Forum, Ms. Mary Ng has been supporting this event with a high degree of support and attention, and this time, she will personally participate in the Autumn Summit Forum.

Currently, Canada's economy is in a critical period of reconstruction, and the recovery of foreign trade is regarded as a crucial task. What policies and messages will Ms. Ng convey at the Autumn Economic and Trade Forum to support the economic recovery of Canadian society? We can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Popular federal MPs Paul Chiang, Shaun Chen, Majid Jowhari, Leah Taylor Roy and Ontario MP Ke Wenbin will be honored to attend this forum to listen to the voices of the business community.

In addition, Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Richmond Hill Mayor David West and Markham Deputy Mayor Chen Guozhi will also attend the Autumn Forum. The participation of these two mayors highlights the two high-tech cities in the Greater Toronto Area. attach great importance to economic development.

Ms. Michelle Mo, Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, will also attend the forum. At the spring forum, Director Mo Yingjing introduced Hong Kong’s various opening-up policies after the epidemic and extended an invitation to the Canadian society for cooperation. At the autumn forum, Mo Yuanjing will share the latest policy trends in Hong Kong’s foreign trade and help everyone seize business opportunities.

Markham Regional Councilor He Hujing, Markham City Councilor Amanda Yeung Collucci, and Richmond Hill City Councilor Simon Cui, who have long served the community in the Greater Toronto Area, will also be present in person to communicate with business people and gain an in-depth understanding of social needs.

diplomatic envoy

Also invited to participate in this forum was Mr. Deuk Hwan Kim, Consul General of South Korea in Toronto . It is worth noting that in September this year, South Korean high-tech company NEO successfully raised more than 1 million Canadian dollars in the New Power Entrepreneurs Club’s road show, which set a precedent for economic and trade cooperation between the two major communities of China and South Korea in Canada.

Consul General Jin brought many important economic and trade officials to this forum, which further strengthened the willingness of the two major communities in China and South Korea to cooperate in Canadian business . This is undoubtedly a high-profile event for business people in the Chinese community in Canada. develop.

Italo Acha, Consul General of Peru in Toronto, Hazel Hernandez Torres, Consul General of El Salvador in Toronto, and Dawne Francois Black, Consul General of Grenada in Toronto, will also be honored to attend the forum. They will take this opportunity to promote business opportunities and cultural tourism resources in their respective countries. In addition, the Consulate General of Spain will also send personnel to participate in business activities of the Chinese community for the first time, bringing new business cooperation opportunities to the Chinese community in Canada.

Important guests

Ms. Wang Linda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Yihai Group, has confirmed that she will participate in this year’s Autumn Economic and Trade Summit Forum. As a pioneer and founder of China's real estate industry, Ms. Wang Linda has personally experienced and witnessed an era of rapid change. In the following thirty years, she worked tirelessly in mainland China and founded the Yihai multi-functional community in Beijing, integrating housing, living, education and elderly care, providing new options and directions for the Chinese real estate industry.

In July this year, Ms. Linda Wang visited Toronto and was invited to become the honorary president of the New Power Entrepreneurs Club , which showed her strong interest in the Canadian market. She came specially to attend the Autumn Economic and Trade Summit Forum and will deliver a speech at the opening and closing ceremonies. Whether Ms. Linda Wang can inject new vitality into the diverse Canadian society and bring new ideas and concepts will become an important highlight of this forum.

Xu Qiang, General Representative of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Toronto, will also attend this forum. At the spring forum, he introduced in detail the situation of the first Chain Expo and directly contributed to the preparation of the Canadian Pavilion of the Chain Expo. General Representative Xu Qiang will come to the Autumn Forum again and will surely bring us the latest trends and development trends in China’s business and trade field.

Luis Briceno, chairman of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Toronto, and Miryam Lazarte, founder and CEO of the Latin American Entrepreneurship Association, will also attend the forum. They will share their vision and ideas on economic and trade interaction between the Latin American community and the Chinese community. Gook Ho Lee, Chairman of the Korean Overseas Traders Association, and Ms. Hyunjoo Chae, Chairman of the Korean Canadian Chamber of Commerce KCBA, will also participate in activities of the Chinese community for the first time, bringing business cooperation intentions from the Korean community.

This forum will also welcome Cameron Baliey, CEO of TIFF Toronto Film Festival, and Norman Gaudet, Chairman of TFS Canadian International School (Toronto French School), Canada’s largest private school. Norman Gaudet will deliver a keynote speech on the topic "Education in the New Era". In addition, James Black, Vice Chairman of the Listing Approval Department of the Canadian Securities Exchange, will visit the summit forum again and deliver a speech at the opening ceremony. Important guests such as TIFF board member and community celebrity Justin Poy will also attend this summit forum.


Cross-border trade development sub-forum in the new era

The chairmanship of the New Era Cross-Border Trade Development Forum will be held by Gao Chao, the rotating chairman of the New Power Entrepreneurs Club and co-founder of Meixun.

The following are the guests who will speak at the forum:

1. Toronto Film Festival CEO Cameron Bailey

2. Shoplazza COO Zhang Lu Alyson

3. Richard Chen, CEO of Hawkbridge Capital Partners Inc.

4. NEO Battery Materials Ltd. CEO Spencer Huh

5. Jayson R. Elliott, founder and CEO of Kryptk Pacific Minerals

6. Vivienne Jiang, founder and CEO of Tianxingyun (Canada) Supply Chain Company

7. Maple Supply Chain CEO Peter Wang

8. Jackie Xu, founder and CEO of Callnovo, a global customer service outsourcing service provider

9. Liu Dong, founder of D&H overseas warehouse

10. Bruce Wu, founder of Carnex

11. Bruno Yan, co-founder and CEO of Toronto Muse Home & Golf it Up Golf Indoor Club.

New Era Education Development Sub-forum

The chairmanship of the New Era Education Development Forum will be held by Li Xintong , secretary-general of the New Power Entrepreneurs Club and founder of Dantitude.

The following is the list of guests who participated in the forum:

1. Wang Linda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Yihai Group

2. Norman Gaudet, Principal of TFS Canadian International School

3. Dave Hecodk, principal of Crestwood Preparatory College

4. Jamey Gordon, Distinguished Lecturer, Schulich School of Business MBA Program

5. John Shi, founder of Yingshi Education Group

6. Maria Sun, founder and president of Victoria Education Group

Han Xiao, PhD Lecturer at the University of Toronto, Executive Member of TRCA of the Toronto Environmental Protection Agency, and Executive Director of the North American Chinese Health Foundation

7. Tina Sun, founder of Honor Fencing Club (Ontario)

Mack Chan, a high-tech expert and serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience.

Sub-forum on consumption patterns in the new era

The new era consumption model sub-forum will be chaired by FoodsUp founder and CEO Han Di.

The following is the list of guests who participated in the forum:

1. Spencer Xu, CEO and founder of Snaplii and SnapPay

2. Sharon Vinderine, founder and CEO of PTPA Media

3. Benson Lau, Business Development Director of Fuwa Fuwa

4. Justin Weng, founder and general manager of SGV GROUP.

Sub-forum on investment trends in the new era

The chairman of the New Era Investment Trends Forum will be Emily Gu , chairman of the CCFA Canada-China Financial Association.

The following is the list of guests who participated in the investment forum:

1. Yanan Wu, Chairman and CEO of Surfin Group

2. Bilal Hasanjee, senior investment strategist and director of Canadian investment strategy at Vanguard Group

3. James Black, Deputy Director, Listings, Canadian Securities Exchange

4. Brittany Puglia, Regional Vice President, TD Asset Management

5. Nevin Xu, CEO of Enoch Wealth.

In this harvest season, when many outstanding people gather together, we sincerely invite you to follow us and participate in this unprecedented economic and trade event. Let us witness and participate in in-depth discussions and exchanges to discuss the new era, new trends and new opportunities. We look forward to this platform providing you with valuable insights and business opportunities, and looking forward to having in-depth exchanges and collisions with you in the next three days of the forum.

Volunteer recruitment

Eligibility : Open to all high school and college students

Volunteer time : 2023.10.11-2023.10.13

9:45am-12:30pm, 12:45pm-3:30pm

Volunteer location : 8-421 Bentley St, Markham, ON L3R 9T2

Volunteer content : on-site sign-in, venue guidance, guest guidance, on-site order management.

This volunteer activity can broaden your horizons and allow you to experience challenges and opportunities in different fields. We call on everyone to actively sign up, because this is not only an opportunity, but also a platform that allows you to learn more about new fields, make friends with like-minded people, and at the same time make useful contributions to society and communities~


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