【British Lion Volunteers】Join the Toronto 3Rs Ambassador Program to create a green and environmentally friendly future


Join the Toronto 3Rs Ambassador Program

Contribute to urban environmental protection!

3Rs Ambassador Program:

The 3Rs Ambassador Program is part of the ReduceWasteTO program, which supports the City of Toronto's long-term waste management strategy. The program invites volunteers from condos, apartment buildings, and co-ops in Toronto to promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) concept. Ambassadors can tailor the program to the needs of their own building and other residents. Our long-term goal is to have at least one 3Rs Ambassador in every condo, condo building, and co-op building.

Becoming a 3Rs Ambassador is a great way to:

• Helping cities improve waste diversion and reduce recycling contamination in multi-storey residential buildings

• Help reduce environmental impact

• Reduce your building's waste disposal costs

• Meet your neighbors

• Meet classmates who are passionate about waste management

• Earn volunteer hours (10 hours per month recommended, but not required)

• Make a meaningful mark on your college application and resume


Volunteer requirements:

  1. Live in an apartment, condominium or co-op in Toronto building that has nine or more units and receives garbage service from the City of Toronto.

  2. Age 16 or older (teens aged 14 or 15 are also eligible with parent/guardian permission ).

What volunteers need to do:

  1. Gain support from your building manager and/or custodian to participate in the program and receive their ongoing assistance.

  2. sign the application form

  3. Complete a 10-15 minute phone interview

  4. Attend two two-hour training sessions (Part I and Part II)

*Training for new 3Rs Ambassadors is currently being offered online and those who qualify for the program are encouraged to submit a volunteer application and City staff will follow up within 10 business days.

training period:

Training courses for the 3Rs Ambassador Program will be conducted online

• Part 1: March 26 (Tuesday) 7:00-9:00 p.m.

• Part 2: March 28 (Thursday) 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Educational Resources:

Provide the following support to 3Rs Ambassador volunteers

• Training on relevant waste management information, 3Rs opportunities in multi-storey residential buildings and effective communication

• Free posters, guides, stickers and other promotional materials

• Regular communications on waste reduction, reuse and recycling

• Opportunity to meet and share knowledge with other 3Rs Ambassadors

• Assist with event planning, answer questions or provide assistance

🌱Join us and do our part for environmental protection!

Contact us to learn more about the project and get the registration link for free.

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