【British Lion Volunteer】Registration for Toronto International Film Festival 2024 Volunteer Opens


Toronto International Film Festival

“Registration starts in May!”

activity description

The 49th Toronto International Film Festival will return from September 5 to 15, 2024, for a total of 11 days.

The festival, presented by TIFF, will feature screenings of Canadian and international films; special events and talks with film industry stars.

application process

1. Complete the online application form :

Applications can be filled out from May and will remain open until September, but we recommend applying as soon as possible after applications open. Applicants will receive an email response within four weeks of submitting their application.

2. Orientation activities :

Volunteers whose applications are approved will be required to attend an orientation session in July . The session will include important information related to volunteering at the festival. After the session, volunteers will be able to select their assignment preferences.

3. Onboarding process:

In mid-August , after completing orientation and successfully completing the registration process, volunteers will receive their assigned position and learn about the specific requirements of the position.


4. Shift training and preparation:

In the weeks leading up to the festival, onsite or online training is offered for most volunteer roles. In the training, volunteers will learn about the tasks of a specific mission.

Volunteer Requirements

Enjoy interaction with the public

√Flexible attitude

√ Be confident in your communication skills

√ Able to complete at least four shifts for the festival ( average shift length is 4-6 hours )

√ Solid understanding of English (knowledge of other languages ​​is an advantage)

Volunteer Classification

1. Theater Venue Support : Provide customer service and front of house assistance by managing lineups, scanning tickets, directing and encouraging the public to vote for the People’s Choice Awards.

2. Industry Support : Direct delegates to registration and pass collection counters, provide information on industry programming, and assist with operational tasks at industry venues.

3. Administrative Support : Assist TIFF staff with administrative and organizational tasks required during the Festival. Responsibilities will vary depending on the position but may include data entry, filing, and assembling materials.

4. ACE : Dispatched on short notice to assist a specific location or department that urgently needs support.

Volunteer Benefits

√ Watch free movies at TIFF

√ Enjoy exclusive discounts

√ Get a commemorative T-shirt for the film festival volunteers

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