[English Lion Volunteers] Show off your writing skills, online blogging volunteer activities are waiting for you!


Are you someone who loves writing and is willing to share it?


We are looking for students in grades 8 to 12 to share their opinions and experiences on a variety of topics that matter to teens through engaging and authentic blog posts.


Visit blog.ripplefoundation.ca to read the latest blog posts.

1Introduction to the volunteer organizer Ripple Foundation

Ripple Foundation A Canadian educational charity run 100% by volunteers. The Ripple Foundation creates community projects for young people that improve reading and writing skills while promoting the power of creativity. One of these is the Writing Workshop program, a creative writing program focused on improving writing skills and increasing writing confidence . For more information, visit www.ripplefoundation.ca

2 Volunteer responsibilities

🌟 Create personal and authentic blog posts that reflect your opinions and experiences and resonate with other students.

🌟 Work with our publishers and editors to generate original content.

🌟 Share your blog via your own social media accounts.

🌟 Make keyword suggestions for your posts

3We are looking for...

✨ Insightful and creative mind that loves to inspire others.

✨ Excellent communication and written English skills.

✨ Keen attention to detail.

✨ Excellent organizational skills.

✨ Ability to fulfill commitments on time.

✨Experience with WordPress is a plus.

4 Blog Writing Categories

📚 Books & Movies: Share your reviews or recommendations.

📝 Creative Writing: A deep dive into the world of creative writing, providing tips and inspiration.

🔙 Memories: Reflect on impactful personal experiences.

🆕 What’s New: Provide a novel perspective on any given topic.

👁️ Perspectives: Share reflections on personal views, opinions and experiences.


What can you gain?

Students can earn certification for up to 5 volunteer hours per blog post, including your creative writing and any revisions needed to complete your work in collaboration with our publisher and editors.

Application requirements

Prepare a resume and a sample blog or article .

After sponsors review their resumes and writing samples, qualified students will be contacted and scheduled for a telephone interview to discuss their writing topic.

Organizers encourage students to write about topics that resonate with them and hope to diversify the content on the blog. This approach ensures both volunteers and readers have a rewarding experience~

Registration deadline : January 31, 2024, Toronto time

Online volunteering, no restrictions on regions .

Limited to 10 people, first come first served

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