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Canadian Mental Health Mutual Help Center (MHMH)

Intergenerational interaction projects

We are an intergenerational interactive project under the Canadian Mental Health Mutual Help Center (MHMH) . Since its official launch on August 29, 2020, we have been committed to connecting Chinese youth and elders and building an intergenerational bridge. This special project was initially funded by the Canadian federal government and the Canadian Red Cross, and co-organized with community partners such as the North American Chinese Health Association (CNIW) and the Canadian Youth Counseling Center (WCCYC).

Challenges facing older people

The challenges faced by elderly

According to the latest report released by Statistics Canada, "Elderly Immigrants and Loneliness in Canada", about a quarter of respondents aged 65 to 74 have social barriers. Loneliness among the elderly has become a public health emergency, seriously affecting their physical and mental health, especially for elderly immigrants.

Project Mission

Mission of the Project

Our goal is to build intergenerational connections among Chinese immigrant seniors, strengthen social connections and reduce loneliness among the elderly through interaction with Chinese youth. Questionnaires collected by our research team show that many elderly immigrants from China are eager to establish closer connections with the younger generation and understand new cultures and lifestyles through the unique perspectives of young people.

Our Actions

To help alleviate the social isolation of the elderly, our young volunteers provide support to the elderly in learning, socializing and life information through Zoom and WeChat, build bonds between Chinese youth and the elderly, enhance the elderly's awareness of social participation, promote the practice of positive aging concepts, and promote healthy aging.

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Position Recruitment


For high school and college students, the main program is cross-generational interaction, teaching English to the elderly (Monday or Wednesday night, and other times to communicate and share popular topics among young people, such as the use of social software, video editing, and popular AI topics, etc. College students can also apply for the international student peer program, and volunteers need to be proficient in Chinese .

* After high school students register, a college student leader will contact them for an interview and discuss the start time.

Project Achievements

The Benefits of this Program


By participating in the intergenerational volunteer project, you will not only provide practical help and social support to the elderly, but also grow your personal soft skills in the process of providing community services. We firmly believe that volunteer service is a valuable growth opportunity . Through this process, you will develop excellent leadership qualities, teamwork skills, excellent organizational skills, innovative thinking, clear communication skills, and problem-solving skills . These skills will not only benefit you in the project, but will also have a positive impact on your future learning and career development.

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