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NYSC Volunteer Recruitment


NYSC relies on the dedication and commitment of over 300 volunteers each year to provide quality programs and services to seniors in our community. There are volunteer positions ranging from administration to friendly visits; from helping serve lunch to sharing a talent or skill. We have many opportunities to fit what you want to do. In fact, there are over 65 ways to make a difference in the lives of seniors by volunteering at the North York Senior Centre (NYSC).


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“Why do we need volunteers?”

LC, as a part of NYSC, is a non-profit organization that relies on our dedicated, hard-working volunteers to support our efforts in providing exceptional programs, courses and services. Working together to make life better.

“How much time do volunteers commit to?”

NYSC offers volunteer positions that are limited in time and other positions that are longer-term. The first step is to speak to a volunteer coordinator who will get to know you and match you with the most suitable volunteer position based on your available time.

“What does it take to be a volunteer?”

ALC volunteers enjoy working with people, want to be involved in their community, and like to have fun. We welcome volunteers who have skills to offer, time to devote, and who enjoy being an important part of the ALC community.

“Do I need to attend volunteer training?”

Yes. You will start by attending a volunteer information session to help you decide what best suits your interests based on the volunteer opportunities available, and we look forward to getting to know you and finding the position that best suits you.

NYSC Volunteer Positions

Positions range from reception and membership services to serving lunch and helping out in the ALC café or gift shop. There are also opportunities to help out at fundraisers and workshops, and you can volunteer at the North York Senior Centre (NYSC).

• Housekeeping

• Cafe Assistant

• Special Events

• Gift shop

• Marketing and Communications

• Video Production for Marketing Purposes

Video Production for Marketing

• Project Management Volunteer

• Special Events Photographer

• Special Events Planner

• Arts & Culture Instructor

• Food and Wellness Instructor

• Customer Service Expert

*High-quality background enhancement opportunities for students majoring in medicine and life sciences

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