[British Lion Volunteers] "Art for the Earth" youth leadership project, jointly contribute to environmental protection in Toronto!


"Art Earth" cross-city environmental protection art exhibition

Toronto Art for Earth Program Youth Leadership Program

Gssya Youth Mutual Aid Alliance

This "Art Earth" youth leadership project is jointly organized by Gssya (Global share support youth association) and British Lion Education. Gssya is a non-profit charity association registered in Canada. It is a platform dedicated to the growth of young people and aims to improve their skills and living standards. The organization supports multiple programs, including workshops and projects, to promote personal growth and professional development. Individuality and mental health are encouraged through anti-hate and multicultural workshops, while psychological support is provided through programs such as the Confident Youth Series and Charming Souls. In addition, we help young people improve their skills and career development through clubs such as chess, mahjong, and debate, as well as leadership programs such as the YMCA Youth Exchange Program. There are also dance, opera and other programs to support young people and their families and build support systems in the community.

Art Earth Youth Leadership Program

Nature in Toronto is about to get even more colorful. How to achieve this goal starting from teenagers? The answer was to create an Art for the Planet youth leadership program .

Like many grassroots organizations, EcoToronto relies on teen volunteers to achieve its mission: to make Toronto “Canada’s young and vibrant financial hub.” In this program, we aim to inspire the younger generation to have a love and sense of responsibility for the environment, by organizing art exhibitions, promoting and stimulating public awareness of environmental protection , which will help transform the vision of EcoToronto into the world's most colorful financial One of the centers that makes Toronto a reality.

This year and next, 15 young people from Toronto will gain climate-related expertise and ideas while developing new leadership skills while managing the Art for the Planet exhibition project. We will provide participants with professional leadership training, including improving communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Teen volunteers want to contribute to making Toronto greener , become Toronto's next generation of environmentalists, and develop deep connections with a variety of local climate advocates to guide the public through youth-driven peer engagement.

The youth leadership training program will provide opportunities to put the knowledge learned into practice by organizing plant diversity workshops, Art of the Earth exhibitions and other events. Our collection of art includes sculpture, photography, wide format photography, fashion, painting, design, media and fashion design and more. We will select outstanding works for display in community centers and art exhibitions. Through the exhibition, we call on society to protect the environment, with special attention to protecting biodiversity. How to become a volunteer and join the project?

Volunteer Recruitment : Open to all high school and college students

Volunteer hours : Flexible choice of online or offline

Volunteer interview : An interview is required to participate in this project, and the specific time of the volunteer will be allocated after the interview. Students from other provinces can also participate (online part)

This "Art for the Earth" youth leadership project exhibition will lead young volunteers in Toronto to inject new vitality into environmental protection through the combination of art and leadership , making Toronto a more diverse and environmentally aware city!

Why join the Environmental Leadership Program?

 You will gain climate-related expertise and deepen your practice of environmental protection. Discover the inseparable connection between art and the environment , communicate the importance of environmental protection to the public through art exhibitions and other means, and arouse more people's attention and action.

 The program provides young people with an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills , including professional training in communication, teamwork, problem solving and decision-making skills.

 Formal volunteer hours will be awarded along with a certificate .

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