[British Lion Volunteers] 2023 Sleepless Night volunteer recruitment has officially opened, and high-quality official volunteer opportunities are waiting for you!


Registration for the 2023 Toronto Sleepless Night official volunteer opportunity is now open

This is the eighth year of cooperation between British Lion and the City of Toronto.

Yingshi’s instructors have been leading everyone throughout the process

Interview training from city government volunteers

All the way to actual practical exercises and specific volunteer activity execution

These experiences left each student with precious and unforgettable memories.


This year’s recruitment is about to begin

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01. Sleepless Night Activities

Nuit Blanche Toronto Nuit Blanche Toronto is an annual free celebration of contemporary art . For one sleepless night, Toronto transforms into an arts playground, offering an array of exciting art experiences. Since 2006 the event has exhibited 5,200 of many artists 1,490 art installation. In 2023, Nuit Blanche will return to downtown Toronto, Scarborough and Etobicoke .

02. Volunteer position recruitment

Volunterring For Nuit Blanche

Accessibility Assistants Accessibility Assistants

Help escort patrons who use wheelchairs and other assistive devices to accessible areas or entrances to the event. This location is perfect for friendly people who enjoy helping customers with special needs and need to walk.

Artists Assistants Artist Assistants

Assist artists and/or performers in a variety of ways that are unique to each project. Responsibilities may include assisting in the production of a piece. This position is ideal for someone interested in working directly with artists.

Behind-the-Scenes Assistants Behind-the-Scenes Assistants

Help with administrative tasks before and after the event. This position is ideal for those who enjoy assisting in a team environment outside of the public eye.

Information Ambassadors Information Ambassadors

Provide front-line, top-notch customer service to festival visitors by providing information, distributing materials, and answering questions. This position is ideal for a friendly individual with good communication skills who wants to work directly with the public.

Mobile Information Mobile Information Ambassador

Provide top-notch customer service to visitors by handing out materials, answering questions, and giving directions as they stroll through scheduled high-traffic areas. This position is ideal for a friendly individual with good communication skills and high energy who wants to have a lot of interaction with the public.

Volunteers Volunteers

Willingness to use a personal cell phone and ability to travel long distances with a backpack full of supplies. Ushers provide excellent customer service to festival goers while they wait to view programs and successfully direct lines and provide crowd control. This position is ideal for a friendly person who enjoys being involved in crowd management and is willing to appear confident.

Project Facilitators

Provide event attendees with unique and diverse assistance on how to interact and engage with the arts. This position is ideal for a friendly individual who wants a lot of interaction with the public and hands-on experience with the arts.

HQ Assistants Headquarters Assistant

Support the Exhibition Area Volunteer Coordinator on sleepless nights. They assist volunteers with sign-in and sign-out, distribute uniform items and assist with basic administrative tasks. This is a primarily seated role.

* Volunteers will receive:

Proof of 12 hours of city government volunteer time

Letters of thanks from city cultural events and mayors

Volunteers in Arts and Culture Toronto (VAACT) Award Recognition.

03. Major art exhibitions

Major Institutions

Aga Khan Museum

Visitors can reflect on the theme of “Uncovering Our Interdependence” while exploring art installations and enjoying performances by international, national and local artists, which feature diverse and contemplative spoken word and poetry, captivating music and rituals from diverse traditions .


Artscape Daniels Launchpad
“InterCONNECTedness” is an immersive art exhibition that aims to challenge traditional notions of art and expand perceptions of technology as a catalyst for creative expression. This unique exhibition showcases works in a variety of mediums, including digital installations, interactive sculptures, augmented and virtual reality experiences, mixed media works, and more. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness how artists experiment with new technologies, navigate their complexities and integrate them into their artistic practices.

Myseum of Toronto
Get to know each of the influential figures through a series of powerful monologues from a talented and diverse cast of 52. At the heart of Nuit Blanche, in a whirlwind of creativity and exploration, a stage will be set to immerse the audience in an intimate experience. As the story unfolds, you will be impressed by the strength and resilience of these revolutionary heroes.

Onsite Gallery, OCAD U
The Inuit Art Foundation (IAF) and Onsite Gallery present Up Front: Inuit Public Art, a series of digital murals commissioned by Inuit artists. Kicking off this iteration on the occasion of Sleepless Night 2023, multidisciplinary artist and designer Tarralik Duffy energizes the gallery’s street facade, bringing her unique and critical vision to downtown Toronto to reveal north to south. .

04.Sleepless night time

Event Dates

Activity time:

September 23, 2023 7:00 pm (Saturday)

Until 7:00 am on September 24 (Sunday)


interview time:
August 30, 2023 6:30-8:30 pm

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