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Long-term Online Volunteering (flexible hours) Looking for volunteers fluent in a language other than English to contribute to open science projects and help integrate your language into global AI development . Volunteers will submit strong examples written in the above languages ​​and review contributions from others to help build an open source language model that will be available to research scientists around the world, ensuring the next generation of generative AI and A.I. Tools can be used by members of your community.


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➨ Breakthroughs in linguistic AI have been primarily focused on English, while other languages ​​have been left behind. To help ensure that the development of artificial intelligence reflects the needs of all language communities , nonprofit research lab Cohere For AI is developing Aya: a state-of-the-art open source multilingual model. But to realize this ambitious plan for open scientific research, we need your help.

➨ One of the biggest obstacles to improving multilingual model performance is obtaining high-quality multilingual text examples . To do this, we are bringing together an international community of people who speak different languages ​​in hopes of influencing the future of AI research, creating 4,000 written examples in 101 languages ​​by December 15, 2023. Contributors will submit strong examples written in the stated language and review other languages' contributions.

➨ In the Aya Multilingual Project, we hope to improve the available multilingual generative models and accelerate the progress of languages ​​around the world. This project will have a significant impact on ensuring community members have access to the next generation of generative AI and AI tools. Therefore, we will release Aya and all of our data and multi-language models as open source so that research scientists around the world can learn and build from our work.

➨ Contributing to Aya is open to anyone who is passionate about advancing the field of natural language processing and committed to promoting open science. You don’t have to be an AI expert to get involved: we’re looking for teachers, linguists and lifelong learners with a range of experience. By joining Aya, you will become part of a global movement working to democratize language technology.

➨ Aya multilingual contributors are ranked by quantity and quality of submissions . As you progress, you'll unlock recognition efforts, including digital certificates, exclusive Aya giveaways, recognition in research artifacts, exclusive virtual networking invitations, and computing grants .

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