[English Lion Volunteers] Listen to the insights shared by bloggers with 3.3 million fans and outstanding entrepreneurs, and have volunteer opportunities to take photos and communicate with mysterious celebrities!


Entrepreneurship Hub aims to provide a platform for start-ups to communicate and share. At Entrepreneurship Exchange events, entrepreneurs can exchange experiences and knowledge with each other and receive guidance and advice from professionals and successful entrepreneurs . By attending Startup Hub events, entrepreneurs can accelerate their entrepreneurial journey , build key partnerships, receive feedback and advice, and strengthen their personal and business brands .

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Corporate Speakers

1. Lily Wu

With many years of experience in financial planning and tax planning , he will tailor different financial plans according to the needs of different customers, and at the same time focus on tax optimization to maximize the value of the customer's property.

President of Zhiyun Fortune President

•Chartered Financial Planner CFP

Top global MDRT members TOT

•Chartered Family Office Estate Planning Expert QFOP

Global Trust Architect TEP

2. Janet Lin

Currently working at Equitable Bank as Vice President. A technology strategist with over 20 years of experience in digital transformation, technology strategy, software development, business and customer engagement, and cloud transformation.

•One of Forbes’ Top 100 Outstanding Chinese in the World in 2022

•Top 100 of Canada’s Most Influential Women in 2021

3. Mysterious guest

•TikTok has 3.3 million fans and bloggers, and their videos have been played more than 1 billion times , and their sharing has become a big V.

Volunteer content

Toronto Entrepreneurship Hub 5.6 offline gathering event

Networking Event

Volunteer time : May 6, 2023 (Saturday)


Number of volunteers : 30

Event address : 205 Placer Court, North York, ON, M2H 0A9

Parent ticket link :


*All students are welcome to participate in this volunteer activity, and parents can also participate through tickets.

This event brings together a group of outstanding entrepreneurial mentors and peers, allowing you to listen to practical information while also meeting a group of like-minded business partners. Come and sign up and spend an unforgettable Saturday afternoon with us!

Yingshi will purchase tickets for free and give them to parents of students who want to participate at the same time. Seats are limited, so sign up now!