Volunteer activity information

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018

5km race/walk at 8:00am, half marathon (21.1km) and marathon (42.2km) at 8:45am. The entire marathon ends at 3:15 pm.

Starting Location:
Junction of Queen Street West and University Avenue

Ending point:
Queen Street West and Bay Street

Activity Award

This year, all finishers (including marathon, half marathon, 5k and marathon JR events) will receive a unique "Landmark Series" medal. The medal depicts a classic TTC streetcar (a Swiss-made ALRV model from the 1970s) as it crosses the Riverside Bridge, which connects downtown to Toronto's east end.

Volunteer style

高中规划背景提升Package - Uforse Education
高中规划背景提升Package - Uforse Education
High School Planning Background Enhancement Package

High School Planning Background Enhancement Package


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Academic Advisor WeChat ID: UforseAC

Project Introduction:

Through the senior planners of Ulion (Ted Talk speaker, MBA of business school, Rotman Business School director and other famous school tutors), the students will be regularly and comprehensively planned, and academic goals will be set. , internship projects, business competitions and other participation quotas to ensure high-quality volunteer/internship/Project course opportunities for students, eliminate useless background improvement and waste time, and accurately provide high-value academic/non-academic background improvement activities for students’ professional needs.

Project Highlights:

- Conduct regular 1v1 planning sessions with senior planners from prestigious schools, and customize growth plans according to student goals

-All-round course selection planning and guidance, and issue a course selection report for the whole year

-Provide students with a variety of student union/society/volunteer/internship opportunities to enrich the background of university application

-Provide high-quality letters of recommendation, and have the opportunity to organize activities led by a Ulion planner

- Activity background sorting, personal resume sorting and follow-up

-Enjoy the VIP price of the background booster course

For people:

G10-G12 Students with weak application background and few extracurricular activities

Students who want to improve their leadership and practical ability by participating in high-quality background improvement projects

Students who are confused about major and university planning and need professional planners to plan and sort out