High-quality background enhancement: 2024 University of Toronto Science Fair scientific poster submission campaign

高质量背景提升:2024多伦多大学Science Fair科学海报征集活动

The Toronto Region Science Education Scholarship is a Toronto-wide competition for high school science classrooms . The best posters will be entered into the Toronto Region Science Fair on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at the University of Toronto Science Fair . The student with the best poster will receive a prize !

Each school can register up to 8 posters in the competition.

1 or 2 people in a group , sign up for the activity~

This year's exhibition will be centered around the theme of " Innovation " and each poster should answer one of the following questions:


Scientific Breakthroughs - Historic Moments . Who is your favorite researcher or Nobel Prize winner? What groundbreaking discovery or development did they make? How did the discovery impact people's lives at the time? How does the discovery impact our lives now?


Scientific Breakthrough - mRNA Technology . mRNA vaccines have played an important role in the fight against COVID-19, promoting host immunity and herd immunity. What are mRNA vaccines? How are they developed? How do they promote host or herd immunity? How will this technology be used in the future?


Innovative Technology - Wearable Technology . Design a wearable technology that can benefit a specific group or solve a specific need.


Innovative technology - Artificial Intelligence (AI) . What is AI? How is information generated? What are the pros and cons of AI technology? How will it affect the future?


Science Innovation . Don't be limited by the topics listed here. If you are passionate about a science topic, create a poster to teach us more. If you are not sure if your topic is suitable, you can contact us at uoftsr.sciencefair@gmail.com.

Registration matters

Excellent poster works will be displayed at the 2024 Science Fair

Poster Type:

  1. A flat-printed poster (single-sided) - can be attached to the wall

  2. A Trifold poster - requires a table

Deadline for poster submission:

Monday, April 29, 2024 (Toronto time)

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