The 2024 Euclid Competition is about to start. You must read the top ten tips before participating!


Euclid Contest

For many students who are planning to apply for an American university, they must not miss the Euclid Mathematics Contest. The full name of the Euclid Mathematics Contest is Euclid Mathematics Contest, which is held by the School of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in Canada. It is also the official mathematics competition in Canada. The results of the contest are a prerequisite for applying for a scholarship from the School of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.


2024 Euclid Competition Exam Date:

April 3, 2024 (US)

April 4, 2024 (non-US)

ways of registration:

Registration for the Euclid Competition is handled by the test center school. Individual registration is not accepted, and students cannot register on their own. Students must go to the designated test center to participate in the competition.

Competition Settings:

2.5 hours, full mark 100, 10 questions, each question worth 10 marks. Full English paper.

Type of topic:

There are 10 questions in total, including short answer questions and full solution questions. Each question has 2-3 sub-questions.

Test paper composition:

There are two types of questions: short answer questions and full solution questions. Students are required to write out the complete solution process. Points are awarded based on the solution method and steps.

Results Announcement:

Generally in late May, the official organizing committee will announce the score lines and list of winners.

1. Grade limit: The Euclid Competition is for 12th graders, but students below 12th grade can also participate. There are opportunities to sign up every year, and the earlier you participate, the more helpful it is to accumulate experience and improve your performance level.

2. Be brave to challenge: Don’t be afraid to participate just because you still have a lot of knowledge to learn in grade 10. As long as you think it is meaningful and helpful, challenge yourself bravely. In fact, the process of participating in the competition and preparing for the exam is also very meaningful, helping you to better understand your shortcomings.

3. Past exam papers: All past exam papers are valuable for reference because the structure is the same every year. When practicing, you can focus on the papers from recent years because they are closer to the exam format. Familiarity with past exam papers will help you stand out in the official competition more easily. Add an Instron academic consultant to receive past Euclid mock exam papers for free !

4. Not only winning an award is valuable: Participating in a competition is meaningful in itself, and it is not just winning an award that is eligible to be included in the essay. Participating in a competition is a challenge and growth for yourself. Even just participating can add a strong and colorful stroke to your college application essay.

5. Exam data: There were 17,763 contestants in 2022, with an average score of 52/100 and a score of 68/100 for the top 25%. If you prepare carefully, you will have a high chance of winning a prize.

6. Question types and scoring: There are two types of test questions. One type only requires you to give the answer, and the other type requires you to write the entire solution process. The solution idea is crucial to the final score of this type of question. The results are usually announced about 3 weeks after the end of the test.

7. Icon interpretation: The icon in front of the question indicates the question type. If it is a "light bulb", you only need to give the answer. If it is a "hand", you need a detailed solution process, and there are process points.

8. Transcripts and certificates: There are no paper transcripts for the Euclid competition. Only electronic versions are provided or the top 25% of students will receive paper certificates. The first place student in each test center will receive a medal.

9. Application bonus points: For students applying for mathematics-related majors, winning honors such as "top 50%", "second prize", "bronze prize" and so on cannot be considered as obvious bonus points. Therefore, if you are aiming to apply for mathematics-related majors, you still have to work steadily to achieve a high ranking.

10. Reference for other competition exams: For example, you may encounter questions similar to the Euclid competition in the MAT. Therefore, preparing for the Euclid competition can serve as a reference and basis for many university math written exams, and prepare for other math competitions and university math courses.

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