From Euclid, CCC to Waterloo Offer, what inspiration did she give you along the way?

Guests of this issue

Q: Hello Amy, thank you for your time to interview us. Can you briefly introduce yourself first? Such as school, major and background? What courses have you taken in our lions?


Amy: Hahahahahahaha I feel okay now, I just feel like I'm chasing my due every day. My name is Amy~ I am a freshman at Honor Math coop in Waterloo. I have taken python and euclidean competition classes in the lion~




Q: You also did it with us when you applied for the university, lol. Can you tell us which schools you received offers from? Share your college application experience with our juniors?


Amy: Mmmm, I got offers from UTM, UTSC, Rotman, Western and Waterloo. Personally, I suggest that if you are not sure about your application, you should find a reliable team such as Ying Shi Hee Hee . After all, there is only one university application, so it is still very important to enter your favorite university. In the first semester of the twelfth grade, I think I should take some courses with high scores, such as mathematics, and then I should choose some water courses in the second semester to try to make my average score a little higher. If you still have the opportunity, you can choose some corresponding courses according to the major you want to enter.




Q: Which parts do you think are more challenging? Where does your background stand out?


Amy: I think it is more difficult to prepare essays and interviews, because the university application essay and video due may be just before the end of the first semester or the middle of the second semester, so you have to balance your studies and preparing the university application materials.

I don't know any highlights of my background. Wow, maybe I participated in the CS and mathematics competitions corresponding to Waterloo . I think Waterloo still attaches great importance to this aspect of competition, even if you don't win an award, but Waterloo can see which competitions you have participated in, which may help you apply to the University of Waterloo~




Q: Which teacher taught the Python and Euclid classes? Can you comment on the teacher's teaching style?


Amy: I was taught python by justin at that time~super cute teacher~ Although I learned racket this semester, it may be helpful in thinking, and it will not be particularly difficult to learn.




Q: Do you still remember the teachers who taught the documents and videos at that time? Can you recommend it to everyone? It seems that there are teachers Tracy, Ambrose, Jennifer, and Sunny, which teachers are more helpful lol


Amy: At that time, my writing and videos were taught by Yingshi teacher! Yingshi teachers are very kind and responsible . She is responsible for most of my paperwork and videos. After my first class, she asked me to fill out a form, and asked me to write about my volunteer activities, clubs, and other impressive things. After that, the writing was more organized.

In the video part, I think all the teachers helped me a lot. I kept practicing in front of the camera. I felt that maybe I could receive the offer from rotman because of the video interview, because my grades were not particularly high at that time.




Q: En’s volunteer experience, competition experience, and extracurricular activities are all very important when applying for essays. Only with experience can you make a difference.


Amy: Well, I think that volunteer experience still needs one or two special things. For example, I signed up for the school's international student mentor activities, and I used this experience many times when writing essays.

Q: I just entered the university, how do you feel? Are you still used to it? Are you nervous about your studies? How do you think your life in high school is different?


Amy: I am currently in the hardest hit area of ​​midterm. I have a midterm every week. The academic pressure in Waterloo is still very high. There are at least two dues every week.

Maybe the biggest difference between high school life and college life is pressure. It may be easier to increase your height. In college, I feel that I live a life that is worse than the twelfth grade every day. What prof talks about in class and the questions you see in the assignment The difficulty may be a few levels worse. But college life is good, and you can manage your time better.




Q: It sounds really busy. Do you still have time to do some extracurricular hobbies and participate in any club activities? Any thoughts on the career path in the future?


Amy: I am preparing to declare actuarial in my sophomore year, so I also took courses related to actuarial science next semester.




Q: Do you have any experience of living abroad, or a memorable little story that you can share with you?


Amy: Hahahaha I think if you live abroad you have to learn to cook , otherwise you will have to eat takeaway and instant noodles every day when you go to university! So you can try to learn to cook after the middle of the second term of the twelfth grade!




Q: Hahahaha well said! Keeping your stomach healthy is very important. I feel like I'm still in the period of takeaway instant noodles, so sad..


Amy: Hahahahaha me too, after all my two roommates and I don't know how to cook.




Q: Okay, I'm going to cut off the last sentence, or encourage everyone to cook lol


Amy: dei eating takeout every day will make you fat




Q: I have no more questions here, thank you for taking the time to do this interview!


Amy: I haven't praised enough Lions yet


Q: Come, come, let me give you the microphone lol


Amy: I think Ulion has done a great job applying for this program! There is a dedicated group and a corresponding teacher who can be said to be a little assistant has been in charge of my schedule! I don't have to worry about the troubles of ddl at all


Amy: Because in the middle of the twelfth grade, there are really a lot of things to be busy with, such as schoolwork, college application, etc., it is really possible to forget the time for paper submission or video interview!

I really think this system is awesome! I feel like I've become a hands-off shopkeeper hahaha


Q: It is true that this semester is a very stressful period, there will be a lot of trivial matters, and I cannot relax academically.

But you got it! He also successfully entered the ideal major. Awesome!


Amy: Yeah, I felt like I was breaking down a few times. Then I hope that everyone can calm down and wait for the offer, and play freely after the second semester [No, the class still needs to be taken]


Q: Classes are still very important. After all, schools still need to see the grades in the last semester. But after receiving the offer, it should be said that I am very happy and feel bright. 💪Sunshine always hopes that even if you encounter difficulties, you can overcome them together. After all, someone with experience lol


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