Xueba teaches you how to collect offers from six prestigious schools in Canada

Erin has studied Python, C language, Euclidean competition and physics class in our lions. Because of his trust in lions, he also asked relevant teachers to help him in his university application. The average score is 97, and the competition will be awarded with high scores. Let Erin, the fairy scholar, talk about the experience of receiving offers from famous Canadian schools!

Q: Hello Erin, thank you for your time to interview us. Can you briefly introduce yourself first? Such as school, major and background? What courses have you taken in our UCI?

Erin: Hello, my name is Erin~ I graduated from St. Robert CHS and am a freshman in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto.

Haha, I really learned a lot of useful things in Yingshi! Academic classes include python, C computer language, Euclidean math competition, and physics class. When I applied for the university, the teachers of Yingshi also patiently guided my university essay and video interview ~ Pen refill

Q: I heard that almost all the schools you applied for received offers when you applied to colleges. Can you tell us which schools are you? Would you like to share the experience of being a schoolmaster with our schoolmates?

Erin: Haha it's quite unexpected to receive so many offers. My main application is engineering, and I have received offers from U of T, McMaster, Queens, Ryerson, McGill and UBC. In addition to engineering, I also enrolled in mathematics, and received a double degree in math and business from UofT and Waterloo.

I think that in addition to maintaining sufficient top6 scores, it is very important to make adequate planning arrangements for university applications ~ leave enough time, participate in more competitions and social activities, and fully prepare paperwork and video interviews!

Q: So many offers are really amazing. When applying for college, what areas do you think you need to improve yourself? What kind of background is more competitive?

Erin: Because I applied for science and engineering, I think the competition results are a big guarantee . I have participated in more than ten competitions in high school, in addition to ordinary certificates, the gold content of the medals will be higher.


Q: Where can I get the competition information? Can you introduce it to my juniors?

Erin: Most of the competitions are held by the University of Waterloo, you can check the schedule on CEMC.

Q: Can you tell us about your background when you applied? Such as GPA, the highlights of the application? Why do you think you stand out?

Erin: Hmm. The six courses I used to apply for university were English, physics, chemistry plus three mathematics, and the average was around 97 .

Q: Very high score, like

Erin: In addition, I think I have an advantage when making document videos. After the guidance of Yingshi teachers, I am very familiar with the types of questions, and I have mastered a lot of answering routines. It's not perfect, but at least it can be done calmly without panic.


Q: Our English lion teachers are all experienced and can help students dig deeper into their own backgrounds . But I think your own continuous efforts and fully prepared background should be the key to your success LOL

Q: I remember that your C language was taught by Mr. Derrick. Can you comment on the teaching style of the teacher? LOL

Erin: Derrick is my teacher hahaha. He is a very lively and interesting teacher. It is very pleasant to have a class with him. The class structure is very clear, and the combination of theoretical knowledge and examples is just right.


Q: I remember your Euclid competition was very high. How many points? Which teacher taught it? In many courses in Ying Lion, I have contacted many teachers. Can you evaluate the teaching style of each teacher? Or which teacher do you think is more rewarding?

Erin: Nod in the 80's for the Euclid test. The class at that time was equipped with a luxurious lineup, including the beautiful teacher Max, the cold teacher Jackson, and the gentle fairy Cherry~

The teachers have their own styles, but they can all make me learn new things. Perhaps it is because of the very different teachers that I can better experience different learning modes and a more diverse lions.

Q: Haha that's great. We're also very happy to be able to help you.


Q: I have just entered the university, how do you feel? Are you still used to it? Are you nervous about your studies? How do you think your life in high school is different?

Erin: University life is really hard to describe. From playing until 12 o'clock to bedtime has become a homework assignment until 12 o'clock and forced to bed. The biggest difference between college and high school is time management. From 8:30 to 2:30 every day in high school, the study is very short and regular. After college, the timetable is a piece of cake. It is very important to fill each period of time reasonably and make a choice.

Q: It seems that the new semester is quite stressful~ Compared with studying in high school, you may need to allocate your time and energy reasonably, learn to choose and think freely.

Q: What hobbies do you have in your spare time, and do you participate in any club activities?

Erin: I like to listen to music in my spare time 🎵 Do something delicious to treat myself 😂 Club Participated in math club and yearbook in high school, college wants to develop into engineering design club

Q: Do you have any thoughts or ideas about your future career path?

Erin: For the career path, first of all, I hope to accumulate work experience before graduation, through summer internship or PEY. I will be more interested in the optimization of the factory production line in the future.

Q: Okay. Thank you for sharing with us so many experiences of college application and taking classes at Ulion, it is very worth learning. I wish you a smooth university life and harvest what you want!

We also have a lot of activities in our Lions. You are very welcome to come back and join us! We look forward to seeing you often on our campus.

Erin: Thanks also to Yingshi, I wish Yingshi will develop better and better.


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