Student interviews: The real secret to improving English grades


Guest of this issue: Hannah

Hello everyone, today's inspirational story for you is Hannah from our English department at Ulion. Grade 12 Hannah used to worry about her English grades, but after her hard work, her English grades have improved a lot, and she once ranked first in the class with a high score of 93. We were very happy to hear her progress, so we wanted to share her learning methods with you.

The following is an interview with her:


To sum up, Hannah believes that the improvement of English performance mainly depends on the cooperation between students and teachers , conscientiously completing the homework left by the teacher, and practicing more and memorizing more words.

The accumulation of words is a process of continuous repetition. Over time, the more you remember and use , the more solid you can learn new vocabulary . In addition, grammar practice is also very important. In daily life, pay more attention to whether your grammar is used correctly, whether it is suitable or not, and you are accustomed to using the correct grammar to communicate with others, and you will also benefit a lot in writing.

The most important thing is that you should communicate with the teacher in time when you encounter something you don’t understand. The teacher will answer the students’ questions and conduct targeted exercises on the doubtful knowledge points to ensure that the students truly master the knowledge points, so study hard. The students who ask will end up being greatly improved.


This is the interview in this issue. I hope everyone can be inspired to apply good learning methods to their own learning. Come on, everyone, let's make progress together~!


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