Teacher Tony: Interpret the scoring skills of biology, chemistry, calculus and oral English for you!

British lion star teacher interview-Tony teacher
Q: Hi Tony, thank you for taking the time to do a brief interview. Can you briefly introduce yourself and the courses you teach at British Lions?

Tony: I'm Tony. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Pharmacology and Immunology. I'm currently a graduate student with a focus on drug research and development. The subjects I am good at include Chemistry, Biology, Calculus and English . In British Lions, I mainly teach oral English, IELTS, calculus, and some courses related to university application.

My name is Tony, I graduated from the University of Toronto double majored in Pharmacology & Immunology, and currently studying a post-graduate program in Pharmaceutical Drug Research and Development. Some of my favorite courses include Chemistry, Biology, Calculus and English. I teach courses such as oral English, IELTS, Calculus, and University Application Preparation Courses.

Q: It sounds like a very interesting major! Is it difficult to get an offer for a major in pharmacology/immunology? Now there are many students who are applying for universities in British Lions. Could you please introduce some related projects and the materials to be prepared for university application?


Tony: Because pharmacology and immunology are labeled Type 3 Subject post at the University of Toronto, it requires students to obtain better grades in the first year of university before they can continue to choose. In order to do well enough in college, it is very important to study the relevant content in advance, and do the prerequisite preparation before the semester begins. Especially for students who want to study life sciences, it is very important to lay a solid foundation in advance and try to learn some chemistry, biology, and calculus-related knowledge in advance during the summer break .

Since Pharmacology & Immunology are Type 3 Subject-Post at the University of Toronto, it generally requires the students to perform well during their first year at the university. In order to do well at the university level, one of the most important thing to do is to pre-learn the material before the start of the school year. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for prospective life science students to have a strong foundation and possibly to study ahead during their summer break in Chemistry, Biology and Calculus.

Q: In addition to IELTS speaking and writing and AEC English, teachers can also teach chemistry, biology and calculus in grades 10-12, is it IB biochemistry? The teacher must have scored high marks in these subjects lol


Tony: Yes, I have studied a similar program called TOPS, which is equivalent to AP or IB programs in Ontario. My general grades are all above 90 points.

Absolutely, I did some of these courses in a program called TOPS, which is equivalent to the AP or IB program here in Ontario. My general scores are in the high 90s.

Q: In the study of these subjects, what experience and skills can the teacher share with you?

Tony: From my past experience in helping students succeed, there are many strategies that can help improve scores in mathematics and biology. One of them is staying ahead and preparing ahead. What I mean is that students can prepare in advance when they are studying, understand related concepts before school teachers teach them, practice possible exam questions, study skills, so that they can be fully prepared when the school year actually comes. For example, in the SBI4U preparatory course at British Lions, I will focus on some of the latest curriculum topics in Ontario , such as biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular genetics, homeostasis and population dynamics. In addition, I will explain how to apply these concepts in related branches of life sciences and related fields.

There are a lot of different strategies that can be used to score well in Math and Biology and I have a lot of past experiences helping my students to succeed in it. One of those strategies is to stay ahead of the curve. What I mean by that is to take preparation courses to help the student to understand some of the important concepts and to understand the tactics on solving exam questions, so that the student can score well when the school year comes. For example, in the Uforse biology SBI4U preparation courses , I would focus on some of the key topics based on the latest Ontario Curriculum, such as biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular genetics, homeostasis, and population dynamics. Furthermore, I would explain how each concept will be utilized in various branches of the sciences and related fields.

Q: Are there any relevant competitions/competitions suitable for high school students who want to apply for life sciences? If it can help future university applications?


Tony: There are many competitions that high school students can participate in. Personally, I have participated in the mathematics competition in Waterloo, and the Pascal, Cayley, Fermat and Euclid competitions are well known to us. If you can obtain relevant certificates, you will definitely enhance your competitiveness when applying for relevant university majors.

There are a lot of contest that high school students can participate in. Personally, I have done the Waterloo Math contest, such as Pascal, Cayley, Fermat and Euclid. The certifications will make any perspective university candidate a stronger applicant.

Note: Pascal, Cayley, Fermat and Euclid Contests Pascal, Cayley, Fermat and Euclid Contests, sponsored by the University of Waterloo, students under grade 9 and below can participate in the Pascal competition, students under grade 10 and below can participate in the Gloria Contests Competition, students in grade 11 and below can participate in the Fermat competition.


Q: As far as I know, you have taught many students at British Lions. How many can you remember? Are there any interesting, touching, or embarrassing stories between you and your students? Do you enjoy teaching?


Tony: I am very happy to be able to teach countless students at British Lions. Every aspect of teaching is special, beneficial and inspiring to me. I have a strong passion for teaching and my goal is to help my students reach their full potential. Witnessing a student successfully complete his college application, or helping students make significant progress in their studies and improve their grades through their own efforts, is something I will never forget.

I have had the pleasure to teach countless number of students at Uforse, yet each one of the teaching session has been very special and rewarding to me. I have a strong passion in teaching as it has always been my goal to mentor students to achieve their fullest potential. Some of the most memorable stories would include a successful live interview session for the university application or witnessing one of my students making significant progress and improvement through dedication and hard work.

Q: How did you know the British Lions in the first place, and why did you want to join the British Lions?


Tony: I joined British Lions because it gave me a lot of opportunities to mentor students, especially in the transition from high school to college. I have been through the same with them, and I hope my own experience can help them solve some difficult problems.

I joined Uforse because it provides me with the opportunities to mentor students through the difficult high school to university transition time. I was a student in their shoes once and I would like to share some of my life experiences with my students to help them resolving them of these difficulties.

Q: Can you describe your college life? Give our classmates some pictures of college activities lol


Tony: My college life was a very pleasant experience. First, I met so many amazing friends who made my college life so much fun. Secondly, in addition to studying, there are a lot of resources available in the school, such as going to the sports center for a swim, playing free rides in the king's college area or attending various parties. Finally, the University of Toronto will give you rich and great academic support, and you will have the opportunity to participate in research projects supervised by professors.

My University life at U of T had been a pleasant experience. First, I get to meet a lot of amazing friends that made my university years fun and enjoyable. Secondly, there are a lot of on campus resources that students can utilize to take a break from their academic study sessions, such as taking a swim at the athletic centre, playing pickup freebie at the king's college circle or simply join in on a party. Lastly, the amount of academic support from U of T is enormous, where I had the opportunity to join in on research projects and to be mentored by professors.

Q: It sounds really attractive lol

Q: Do you have any ideas for future development? In the busy university study, how to maintain a balance between work and life?


Tony: I think there needs to be proper priorities in work and life so that I can relax my mind and work more efficiently. I have many hobbies in my free time such as running, exercising, swimming, playing tennis, basketball, traveling with friends/family. One of my future career plans is, as a researcher in drug development, to discover better treatments, improve the quality of life of patients, reduce costs, and make drugs affordable for everyone.

I believe in the proper prioritization between work and lifestyle, so that I can relax my mind and be able to work more efficiently than before. There are a lot of things I would like to do during my spare time, such as running, working out , swimming, playing tennis, basketball, and going on road-trips with my friends/family. One of my career goal is to work as a researcher in pharmaceutical drug development, in order to discover better treatments to improve the quality of life for patients and to find a cost reduction method to make medication more affordable for people all around the world.

Q: I hope the teacher's ideal can be realized as soon as possible lol Thank you teacher for the interview time!


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