"Go for a run, there will be spring in the wind"


Today's guest is Amy Ren

A girl who likes drawing, writing and photography

Her writing is as warm as the spring breeze

Her writing is eloquent and powerful

longing for the unknown

she wrote her story

To you who fight side by side

let's listen

- 01 -

Could you please briefly introduce yourself? What about your school and current state? Hope more friends can meet you


Hello everyone, I'm Amy Ren, a senior in Catholic public school, I like business and psychology, IELTS first naked test 7, as Student Council international rep. CTC VP. When I wrote this sentence, I just submitted the application for Ivey AEO, and I got a satisfactory result in the religion test.

- 02 -


What was your university application experience like in Ulion? Is there a teacher who impressed you particularly?


I signed up for the package applied by Ying Shi University. I went abroad relatively late and I was in a public school. Relatively speaking, the school's support for the application is not as strong as that of Chinese private schools. I am also the kind of personality who does not want to leave any regrets. I have been volunteering since I first came here, and I am very familiar with all the teachers. I feel like a big family, and the teachers are very strong, so I participated in it along the way.

I think the teachers of the Lions have their own styles. For example, the tutor T I like very much is a very gentle person. My extroverted personality is easily stimulated at this time. Brainstorm will be very smooth. Relatively strong teachers may not be suitable for me. The teacher is not good or bad, only suitable or not.





- 03 -


Which part of the college application is more challenging? Where do you think your knowledge of college applications mainly comes from?


I think the university application, whether it is the teachers, or the experience and contacts I have gained in Yinglion, although I am not very good now, but I lack any major or small node, and I can't do it to such an extent. The most challenging thing is the anxiety of keeping pace with school tests and ISU in various 500words800words and video interviews that follow.

I may have a lot of information about college applications. First, I know a lot of people, and there are plenty of sources of information. Second, I have a personality that likes to communicate, and I think it is very important to take the initiative to approach people. Third, I often go to lectures, whether online or offline, because I firmly believe that methods are more important than efforts. Listening to your words is better than reading ten years of books. Fourth, I lived in the school teacher's house, and I learned a lot while chatting. Fifth, because I personally like to sum up experience and share, and I will deepen a lot of understanding in the process.

- 04 -


Can you tell us about your experience at Uliona Volunteer? Everyone wants to know

Of course, when I was just going abroad, I was in a hurry to fill up 40 hours, and unexpectedly I found the platform for releasing volunteer information. Later, I began to pursue high quality and time period instead of hours, so I joined UVA through an interview, which is the platform where Ulion is responsible for collecting volunteer activities and publishing them. I learned a lot of useful communication management experience from the very responsible and conscientious RC senior. The CTC live broadcast platform is a highlight of my high school career. I have met so many interesting friends and outstanding seniors and sisters here, and they have also become important guides and encouragement companions for me on the way to college. Later, I was gradually promoted to VP, and my work was more inclined to the management level. Although I could not take care of it for the time being due to the busyness of my studies, I really benefited a lot. In WSSC, I joined the event department and was responsible for the promotion of the case comp. The ladies of Ying Shi RM also helped me a lot. And the support and help from brother John and sister Feifei, let me join the marketing department to improve my ability.

- 05 -


What do you think is the highlight of your life or study?


For my personal background, I went to Vietnam to teach volunteers alone, because I was one year younger than my peers, and I was fortunate to join the Student Council and continue to participate in the organization of school activities, CTC platform leader, UVA, WSSC long-term activities, long-term city government volunteers , domestic bank intern, British Lions marketing department intern. In fact, it is still a bit lacking, because of the heavy pressure in the country, and going abroad in the second half of the eleventh grade, what can be done in one year is still limited. However, I went to all the interviews I could go to, and I have no regrets.

- 06 -


For you who are so excellent now, what experiences can you share with your juniors?


For my friends in grades ten and eleven, I would like to suggest that you seize the time to get to know more people, explore yourself, clarify what you want, put your heart into activities, don't miss every message, be grateful and strive for more . In fact, sometimes the pain is to death, but looking back at it, it is light.

For everyone in the twelfth grade, the main event has basically come to an end. When you wait for the offer, you may wait for the final voice to turn it into a carnival or sadness, but I hope we can all find a balance in this battle, no matter what the outcome is Also understand that those clean dawns and tired eyes that stay open day and night are definitely not in vain. It is enough to grasp what can be grasped now, there is no shortage of sunshine everywhere, and opportunities are everywhere. I say it to myself, and I also say it to you who may have the same complicated feelings.

The picture shows the words written by Amy



Come here for a whole year until 2019.1

i love canada

So proud of our school

I am so grateful for all the kindness and luck I have encountered

I also love the past self who never gave up

Go run, there will be spring in the wind

Wish us a prosperous Wu Yun

I'm Amy Ren and this is my QR code

I hope to have the honor to meet you who like painting, writing, photography, psychology, and love life, we will become good friends

If you are also eager to apply, you want to apply to the top universities in Canada

But I don't know how to do background enhancement

No matter where you are in high school

Or have any questions about studying abroad

Now is the best time to start preparing!


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