Get 8 points in IELTS in one fell swoop, and harvest the fairy students who were admitted early? Come to Kang Kang!

Today our interview object is the lovely Ulion 8 student Andrew!


Q1: How do I know about the Lions?


Through the introduction of friends, many of my friends are tutoring in Ying Lion, and seeing that their grades have improved a lot, I also came to consult and study.

Q2: How did the application of the Lions in the university help you?

There are too many. I have been a student of Ulion since grade 11. Every extracurriculum Ulion teacher will give advice and suggestions. In addition to tutoring, I also participated in many good activities with Ulion. When I was in grade 12, Teacher Ying Shi began to help me with my university application and formulating plans. There are really too many to count.

Q3: Are you satisfied with the service and attitude?


Satisfied, even though the teacher is very busy, he can reply my questions in time every time.




Q4: Why do you think you can get an early admission offer?


Advance preparation and planning for applying to universities are very important. The teachers of Ying Lions told me all the conditions for early admission, and planned how to meet these conditions, helping me to formulate a plan that suits me. For example, when I applied to the University of Ottawa, I knew that they valued the IB program, so I studied the IB program and felt that the University of Ottawa liked IB students.




Q5: What is your average score and language score?


Grade 12 mid-term score top6 96 points, IELTS 8 points. (IELTS has been tutored for a short period of time through the British Lions. Of course, I have a good foundation, and I am really serious in my studies) (Other IELTS students also need to cheer up! Attack the 8 points!)

Q6: What major and school did you apply for, and what offers have you received so far?


Basically it's all business, currently I have applied for UT, UWaterloo, Ottawa, York UNiveristy, McMaster UNiveristy and Queen. Got Ottawa's business program with coop. (Since Ottawa began to distribute offers, the friends of the Lions have turned on the harvester mode!)


Q7: Which teacher do you think helped you the most?

All teachers are awesome! !

Q8: Is there anything that needs to be improved by Ulion?

no need~

Q9: Do you have any advice for future juniors?


Be sure to plan early and do as many extracurricular activities as possible , so that there is something to write about in the documents and videos. If you have IB, you must take IB courses.

If you are also eager to apply, you want to apply to the top universities in Canada

But I don't know how to do background enhancement

No matter where you are in high school

Or have any questions about studying abroad

Now is the best time to start preparing!


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