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guest this time
Is an excellent student of the Lions
Her name is Lu Yanni
A prospective college student of 2019
As of March, the McGill project has been won,
U of T Life Science ($7500 scholarship)
Waterloo Engineering,
Offer from McMaster Engineering Coop ($2500 Scholarship)
When others are still waiting for the Offer
She has an early victory
I am very envious!
Want to know how she did it?
how to live your life
Do you have a clear plan ahead of your studies?
Let's hear what she has to say!

Self introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Lu Yanni. I studied in a general high school in Guangzhou in my first year of high school, and then came to Toronto to study in the summer vacation of 2017. I chose a private school (McDonald International Academy), and my major was engineering science. I finished all the credits in December '18, so I graduated, and now it's my gap months, and I use those hours to prepare for AP exams. I was coached on college application essays and interviews at U.S. Lions.

What kind of teaching style do the teachers of Yingshi have?

My teacher is tutor A, because my senior sister also found this teacher, so she recommended it to me. His class style is very humorous and very responsible. At that time, I was in a hurry, so several classes lasted almost until eleven o'clock in the evening. Mentor A provided me with a lot of ideas when I was exhausted, and I was unlucky on the day of the interview. I only got one of the 3 questions, but the teacher helped me in time to get me early admission .

Which part of the application is the most challenging?

I think the most challenging part is the interview, because I feel that the third question is quite difficult. If you don't prepare in advance, you may not perform well. The highlight of the background, I think it is the grades, my top 6 is 97.5, and the school awarded me a Government General Award, which is probably granted to a student who ranks highest in academic achievements at grade 12 level.

And then the extracurricular activities I participated in weren't really that many, because I felt that engineering didn't require much in that regard. As for the club, I participated in the student council, math club, craft club, running club, Toronto science fair, and then started a tutorial club with a few classmates. In terms of volunteers, I have worked as a tutor and teaching assistant.

How much do you know about Canada so far?

I feel that the applications of each school are similar, so you can first list what activities you have participated in and what volunteers you have done, and then modify them according to the requirements of each school . The application information is basically known on the official website of each university, and will also be discussed with students applying for the same major.

Do you have anything to share with your fellow students?

Because I have only lived in Canada for more than a year, life experience may still be relatively lacking. In terms of learning, everyone should take the IELTS and TOEFL tests as soon as possible. I chose TOEFL for the test at that time, because I felt that the computer-based oral test did not need to face a real person, so that I would not be too nervous. Then I thought that I could also prepare for the AP exam. It would be helpful when applying, and then the university could still get credits, but our school didn’t seem to offer this course, so I took a cram school and then took the exam for social candidates. Hope these can help you.

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