[Interview with U.S. Lion Star Teacher] It turns out that learning IELTS is not so difficult!


Q: Mr. Alisa has taught countless students in our Lions. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Alisa: Hi, my name is Alisa. I am an English teacher at Ulion Education, I graduated from Western University with a major in English Education, I am very lucky to work in Ulion Education and explore the whole process of English learning with so many lovely students.



Q: Passing the IELTS standard is one of the important requirements for university application. I would like to help our 12th grade students to ask, in the four parts of IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing, for students with weak English foundation, who want to improve quickly in a short period of time, Any good suggestions?

Alisa: The cornerstone of English learning is vocabulary, and the skeleton is grammar. If the English foundation is relatively weak, it must be that the vocabulary and grammar are not firmly grasped.
Of course, English is a language, and language learning has its particularity, that is, it needs to be accumulated over time. This doesn't sound like the fast food requirement of "requiring results in a short period of time".
But I would like to say that the so-called "short-term" has its limitations, and the IELTS test has its own characteristics. As long as a scientific study plan is formulated, it is very possible to raise a score of 0.5 or even 1 in a month or two.
The core of the scientific study plan is to digest real questions, including listening and reading materials, and accumulate vocabulary from a large number of IELTS real questions, especially topic vocabulary. Another is to integrate "listening and listening, reading and writing" into learning.
Q: If it is a student whose English proficiency is ok, but is always a little short of reaching the ideal score, do you have any good suggestions to help students quickly break through the bottleneck?
Alisa: I think "if it's always a little bit", it means there's still something wrong with "vocabulary" and "grammar".
Because the real IELTS test focuses on test skills, but the skills are absolutely inseparable from the "vocabulary and grammar" of English itself.
I suggest that on the basis of doing the questions, focus on intensive reading training for IELTS listening materials and reading the original text. Really master all possible meanings of core vocabulary and comprehension of long and difficult sentences.
*Our recent IELTS mock test is in full swing. Teacher Alisa is one of our mock test speaking teachers .
In addition, the former IELTS speaking examiner will also come to the scene, if interested students can participate together~
Q: Maybe most students are not so familiar with IELTS in AEC English class. Can the teacher briefly introduce AEC English to you? Why do students need AEC English classes, and what can they gain in class?
Alisa: AEC is, as the name suggests, Academic English. Our AEC course is divided into two parts: writing and speaking. At the same time, the entire course content system closely follows the students ' English courses in school and is constantly updated and improved every year. "native" academic thinking.
Our courses are divided into four levels . Each level carefully prepares textbooks according to the different needs of students. Level One focuses on the accumulation of grammar and vocabulary. Level Two and Level Three focus on the academic language development of English essays and the development of critical thinking. Level Four is connected with academic English courses in universities, and different majors have different course tutoring.
This set of courses is really a quality course made by our teachers combining their own learning experience with the freshest English teaching materials, through continuous training and teaching and research.
I firmly believe that students will gain real academic English thinking mode and comprehensive English ability improvement in AEC English courses. This will be of great benefit to their English learning in the first stage and in the future.
Q: In the recent stage, for the 12th grade students, it is about to enter the application season. Both ENG4U and ENG3U are very important English subjects in high school. For students in grades 10 and 11, these two years are also a very critical period for high school. Do you have any advice for you about college applications? For high school students, does the teacher have any experience, in study or life, as a past person can share some experience?
Alisa: ENG4U and ENG3U are the core of the high school English curriculum. Students must read more original English novels . In addition to the books requested by the teacher, many other good English novels are also better.
Furthermore, it is necessary to focus on the study of grammar. Because domestic junior high school students will finish all grammar knowledge in six years, but here, grammar is indeed a shortcoming of many students, which is also one of the core contents of the original design of the AEC course.
In addition, the important development stage of each student's adolescence in high school is also the preparatory stage for them to enter into true independence. So when you encounter confusion or difficulties, you must learn to accept, resolve and vent your emotions, so that you can concentrate more on study and life.
Moreover, in our daily life, we should also focus on accumulating various kinds of knowledge , such as learning English, which is not limited to books and schools. We live in North America and have a unique language environment, so we must accumulate English in our life.
I would like to thank Mr. Alisa for the valuable experience provided to the students. As a little lion who used to be a student, I am also deeply impressed by the advice provided by Teacher Alisa!
Whether it is IELTS or English for Academic Purposes, it takes a lot of study to get results.
However, learning methods are also very important! I hope that Teacher Alisa's suggestions can help the students find their own learning methods.
Of course, it’s also important to regularly check your learning outcomes, so don’t miss our IELTS mock test!
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