Interviewed by Wang Zhuang, a science teacher, there are so many math routines? !

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What puzzles do you have in studying mathematics or other science courses?
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Today, Mr. Wilson will take you to explore the mystery together!
Q: Hello Mr. Wilson, thank you for accepting our interview. Can I introduce myself to you all? What is your background, grades, subjects you are good at teaching?
Hello, I have been working in Ulion for nearly a year. I mainly teach some courses in the Science and Math department . From high school to university, I have been strong in science courses, mainly focusing on mathematics and physics, so of course the subjects I am good at teaching are Math and Physics for Grades 11-12 !
Uni pre-calculus and Euclid (Euclid competition) have also taken many classes. At present, I am basically familiar with the content of the textbooks. The company's 11th grade math textbooks are also written by me and other teachers.
Q: Why does Mr. Wilson like to teach? What do you think is the biggest gain in teaching?
I chose this job mainly because I wanted to enrich my workplace experience and extracurricular life, and I liked to help other students answer questions since high school.
What has benefited me the most in teaching is that I have better communication skills, because I often use the most simple language to make students understand some difficult knowledge, and at the same time, I must be objective from the perspective of my classmates. Understand some knowledge and perspectives.
Q: Grade 12 math scores are very important to students. As far as the classmates you have come into contact with, what type of topics are you more likely to make mistakes on?
The students I have taught are all uneven, and usually the most error-prone topics in 12th grade math focus on function, probability and trigonometry.
Q: Students all want to improve their math scores. What advice do you have for students who have a good foundation and want to further improve their math? For students with weak foundations, is there any way to strengthen the foundation?
Students with a good foundation can set a time for themselves to do the questions, and simulate the test environment to see if they can guarantee the accuracy.
Students with weak foundations can carefully look at their wrong questions. If there are repeated mistakes, they need to find the teacher to review them again.
There is a general suggestion for all students: sorting out the wrong questions and finding the reasons is far more useful than constantly brushing the questions.
Q: Teachers often teach Data, Advanced function and Calculus, as well as some AP math and physics subjects. Also taught many Euclidean classes. What is the difference between teaching a class and 1v1? Do students prefer 1V1 or class class?
1v1 teaching is more suitable for students who have many self-prepared independent questions and want to discuss further with the teacher.
Class classes are more suitable for students who want to consolidate their review. Usually the 1v1 teacher can study the problem slowly with the students, and the class is faster.
Q: The teacher has also conducted engineering college application essay/video guidance. Do you have any advice for students on this course?
For students who want to apply for engineering, you can first understand the professional requirements of your ideal school, and you can participate in some STEM competitions and activities in your spare time, so that you can enrich your documents and know if you really like it. this professional direction.
Q: For the Euclidean competition, do you have any tips to get a high score? When is the test time for the Euclid competition? When do you recommend that you start preparing?
The next Euclid competition is in April 2021, and students who want to register should do so by mid-March.
The mathematics knowledge used in the Euclid competition is actually learned by everyone in the 12th grade, and the test is more about the way of thinking.
If you want to get high scores, if you have a solid foundation, you can try some previous questions (can be found on the official website) to get used to the type of questions in the competition, and then delve into the details of each question, and try different problem-solving ideas instead of Look directly at the answer.
Q: The peak season of university application is coming, can the teacher tell us about your undergraduate study program? As a past person, how can I make a good college application ? Which subjects are more important in applying to your major ?
I am currently at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. My majors are Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Business. After that, my main development direction will be on Mechatronics.
To make a good college application, it is recommended that you start to understand the application requirements as soon as possible, give yourself some preparation time, and supplement the required single scores (such as AP and IELS).
In my major Engineering, mathematics and chemistry are the top priorities, especially mathematics. If you have project or competition experience related to these subjects, it is a good start.
Q: Under the epidemic, I believe that many students are working hard in silence both at home and abroad. Can the teacher give some encouragement to our students who are working hard? Do you have any philosophy of life you would like to share with you?
I believe that during the epidemic, it is very hard for everyone to take 9 to 5 online classes at home, but the efforts will not be in vain. During this time, I hope everyone can make full use of their time, relax and exercise properly to help focus.
I usually relax through sports and music when I have time. If everyone has their own hobbies, they can combine work and rest.

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