The outstanding students of the Lions won the top 5% of the European competition! The experience of the Euclid math contest boss is posted!

I'm going to tell you a story about me and a big Euclidean math contestant
Narrator: Mr. Connie
Without further ado, let's start with the background of the big guy:
Name: Loria Let's call it affectionately - classmate Xiaoyu
Grade: Grade 11
Euro 2022 result: Top 5% with 91 points
(Part 1: 40 points, Part 2: 30 points, Part 3: 21 points)
Tutor: Teacher Connie December class
Tag: hard work, lively and cute
Time goes back to April 6th, the day when the test was over, Xiaoyu sent me a message with an unusually cheerful tone:

I was really young at the time, I thought the big guy was just doing well in the test, but I didn't expect it to be so good!

Until May 31, the day she learned her grades from school, she shared her joy with me as soon as possible (it's true love, yes).

I still remember that day at nine o'clock in the morning... I just woke up and the big news hit me in the face...

It is said that getting up early is a silly day, but when I saw her news that day, I suddenly felt sleepy... I was deterred by a strong aura. I sighed silently in my heart: It is really fortunate that the successor has a teacher!

Before participating in the competition, Da Lao participated in a 4-month, 40-hour course in the December class of UCI Euclid.


In addition to the weekly class, in order to catch up with the progress, this class also added a few more classes during the Christmas holiday to solve the problems efficiently.

In the mock exam held by the British Lions in April, the boss achieved a super high score of 89. Unexpectedly, in the official competition, the boss achieved a higher score of 91.

At that moment, I, who had always been confident, suddenly had an illusion—is it because the students themselves are too good for me to help me?

So I plucked up the courage to ask her: Do you think it would be helpful for me to take my Euclid class?

Timid, my heart pounded as I waited for an answer.

Sure enough, her answer did not surprise me at all. What I said was good hahaha (this teacher asks you not to be narcissistic).

So I asked the boss why he chose to take the Euclidean math competition in the first place.

The big guy said that you can only apply for a computer major if you are good at mathematics... Proving yourself is just a matter of the way (~ wave your hand~)

If it weren't for Yingshi, I wouldn't have the fate to be a teacher and student. In fact, there are "tens of thousands" of tutoring institutions on the market. What made her choose Yingshi? Is it because I came here admiringly for my teacher who pulls mud? hooho~

The big guy said: I have also compared many organizations with Yingshi's public account articles before, which attracted her, and I think Yingshi is the most reliable. In the end, it turned out that it really exceeded expectations~


Yingshi, who can really insist on pushing high-quality public account articles every day, has also achieved perseverance and excellence in teaching, which is trustworthy!

In the end, I learned that the big guy first applied for a British university and turned to a Canadian university, and this highly valuable Euclid Mathematics Competition certificate will undoubtedly contribute to her study in Canada! Let's bless her together~



Don't worry about other students, choose the UCL Euclidean course, and you can have the same highlight moment!


Not only that, students in grade 11 and about to enter grade 12 can also choose the CSMC math competition.


⭐️The biggest advantage of CSMC is that it takes the exam in November every year, and the result will be released in December. You can apply for the university immediately with this result.



Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests

University of Waterloo Advanced Mathematics Competition



The CSMC Mathematics Competition is commonly known as the "Canadian Advanced Mathematics Competition", but perhaps more people know Euclid.


CSMC's popularity and registration numbers are almost the same as those of the Euclid competition, with more than 20,000 people per year.



And the CSMC competition covers a full range of mathematics competitions for grades 7 to 12. The competition started in 1963 and has a history of 54 years. More than 230,000 students from all over the world have participated in the competition.



The results of the CSMC competition, like the Euclidean competition, are recognized by many universities in Canada and the United States.


CSMC is both a "substitute" for Euclid and a "complement" for Euclid


⭐️The biggest advantage of CSMC is that it takes the exam in November every year, and the result will be released in December. You can apply for the university immediately with this result.


And Euclid's exam results are not released until May in April, so it's too late! At that time, other than applying for Waterloo, other schools will not be of much use.


So every year, you take the CSMC exam first. If you succeed, that's great, and Euclid will follow the exam. You can pass the first one, and the second one is not a big problem.


If you do not succeed in the CSMC exam, then you immediately switch to Euclid, and the score should be higher.


Moreover, the CSMC and Euclidean exams have the same scope, and the number of questions is slightly different. Just learn one! Many people feel that CSMC is better to get a certificate!


To be honest, in the past few years, students were advised to choose Euclid as their first choice, but now they really recommend that students choose CSMC as their first choice, and then Euclid will also register with them!


1 CSMC Competition Rules


There are 9 questions in the CSMC competition, 6 questions only need to write the answer, while the other three questions need to write the complete answering process.

Competition time: 120 minutes

Score: 60 points

Registration fee: $12

2 Official accreditation of the University of Waterloo


The Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo recommends that applicants to the Faculty participate in the Canadian High School Mathematics Competition (CSMC). To be eligible for the Entrance Scholarship, applicants are strongly encouraged to participate in Euclid or the Canadian Advanced Mathematics Competition (CSMC).

3 What can I do to prepare for the exam?


Like the Euclidean competition, the University of Waterloo officially provided the exam papers of previous years for candidates to practice.

At the same time, CEMC also has official information

Weekly University of Waterloo Math Circles also have weekly sharing

So there is a lot of information to learn!

If you don't know Mr. Connie yet,

Welcome to Teacher Connie's series of math lectures!



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