How to write an excellent resume to impress the interviewer?


Is a resume important?

Of course it is important! Your resume is the first impression you give to the interviewer . Whether you are applying for a volunteer project, internship or job search , a good resume will immediately make the other party interested in you and thus facilitate the interview, while a bad resume may directly eliminate you, or even eliminate the opportunity for an interview.

A resume showcases your work experience, education, and skills , which are key factors in assessing your suitability for a position. It is also a personal marketing tool that helps you sell your professional skills, achievements, and experience.

Resume Open Class teaches you how to write a perfect resume

Contents of the resume guidance open class:

1. Comprehensive analysis of resume framework

The instructor will explain in detail each necessary part of your resume, including educational background, internship and volunteer experience, scientific research experience, competition honors, and personal strengths and skills. Each part will provide specific guidance and examples to ensure that you can clearly showcase your career path and achievements.

2. Professional terminology guidance

Choosing the right words is extremely important in your resume. Your tutor will teach you how to choose more formal and professional words and how to use them effectively to describe your experience and skills. Through concrete examples, you will learn how to express your experience with precise words.

3. Visual typography techniques

A resume with a clear appearance and reasonable structure is more likely to attract the attention of the interviewer. Different interview positions have corresponding layouts. The instructor will guide you on how to arrange the layout of your resume reasonably to ensure that your resume is clear, beautiful and professional.

4. Cover Letter Writing Guide

The cover letter is a great opportunity for you to showcase your personal characteristics and intentions. The instructor will share effective writing strategies, including how to arouse the interviewer's interest, how to highlight your strengths, and how to express your enthusiasm for the position and your knowledge of the position.

Resume Open Class Instructor: Miena

➤ Graduated from David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute with honors in high school; received offers from many well-known universities upon graduation;

➤ Graduated with honors from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree (double major).

➤ At Seneca College—The School of

I obtained a diploma in Legal Assistant in Legal, Public and Office Administration; I also obtained several certificates , including a certification in TESOL teaching and an IELTS examiner certificate.

English Native

Resume open class time

May 4, 2024 (Saturday) 8:00-9:00 pm

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