What is Academic English?

Academic English, as the name suggests, includes two major parts, academic and English.

We are all familiar with English, and we have been exposed to various English courses since childhood.

But academically, most high school students may find it so unfamiliar, because in domestic high schools, the focus is actually on "learning", not "academic".

So what is "academic"? "Academic", to put it in short, is the ability to think dialectically and critically, to formulate one's own point of view logically, and to demonstrate your points with convincing examples.

Why is it important to master academic English?

Being able to communicate in English in an academic environment is very important.

Because Canada's teaching format is full of: group discussion seminar, teacher-student exchange tutorial, classroom report presentation and essay writing all require you to express your views accurately and concisely.

To do this alone, you need to have a certain language skills.

Of course, every Canadian international student understands the importance of academic English. Therefore, the more important thing is how to systematically learn and practice academic English, so as to catch up with the native speakers who have been accustomed to this kind of academic thinking since childhood!

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学术英语课程(AEC Level1-Level4) - Uforse Education
学术英语课程(AEC Level1-Level4) - Uforse Education

English for Academic Purposes (AEC Level1-Level4)

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The AEC Academic English course is a course developed by Uforse, and can be used for IELTS or on-campus English courses according to the student's situation.

AEC English courses have been praised by more than 90% of students. Many students have also applied what AEC has learned from high school to college English courses.

AEC Academic English is designed to help our students improve their overall English proficiency and focuses on essential English skills such as natural language expression, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, writing, literature and media. Courses are divided into four levels to suit each student's English level and needs.

During the course, we will involve additional reading materials and classroom activities, and cover various topics: current affairs, history, social studies and science, to develop students' acceptance and expression of language in all aspects.

In addition to language learning, we will focus on developing students' reading skills, which include the ability to summarize, generalize and reason, as well as the ability to understand the meaning of the text from the narrator. In addition, in writing and expression, we will help students build critical thinking, critical thinking, logical thinking, and help students overcome the lack of self-confidence or timidity in language expression.

Students pass the English proficiency test to obtain a comprehensive level assessment, and the courses are divided into 4 levels, Level1-Level4, according to different levels of difficulty.

-L1 Academic English Course: Focusing on the use of grammar and the explanation of core vocabulary, to lay a solid English foundation for students;

-L2 Academic English Course: further explain the use of complex grammar and advanced vocabulary, so that students can master the necessary academic skills such as writing small papers and sorting out the structure of papers;

-L3 Academic English Course: Students are required to learn to write different types of long academic papers, students will conduct more in-depth academic analysis and argue in different structured ways;

-L4 Academic English Course: For preparatory college students, it cultivates students' speech and expression skills on different topics, analyzes and demonstrates difficult academic topics, writes long papers, conducts in-depth research, and trains and cultivates local students at the level of business schools in colleges and universities students.

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G9-G12 and freshman students, choose courses at different levels according to their different academic English levels