Two Sigma Asia Pacific CEO Kenny Lam online sharing session

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OTLF (Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation, Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation is honored to invite Mr. Kenny Lam, Asia Pacific CEO of Two Sigma (one of the world's largest quantitative investment companies), to give a lecture to the children via Zoom live broadcast Face-to-face motivational speech sharing!

(Including Q&A interactive session )

Eastern Canada Time : June 17, 2023

(Saturday 8:30 p.m.)

Beijing time : June 18, 2023

(Sunday 8:30am)

Mr Kenny Lam

Kenny Lam is the current CEO of quantitative financial investment giant Two Sigma Asia Pacific and is responsible for all of Two Sigma's businesses in Asia. Two Sigma carries out investment management, insurance, securities and private equity investment businesses, with an asset management scale exceeding US$60 billion.

two sigma

What is quantitative finance: Still doing fundamental analysis? 90% of the public trading markets in the United States are already using quantitative trading technology!


Quantitative Finance is a branch of investment management, an interdisciplinary subject that combines programming, mathematics and finance. Quantitative trading refers to investors using computer technology and data modeling methods to form a set of standardized financial trading operations. Implement investment strategies regularly through scientific algorithms.

In short, the difference between quantitative finance is that it does not require logical thinking of the human brain and uses computer programs to make investment decisions. Quantitative income is higher and more stable than traditional trading income, and it can sustainably grow in scale.

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Under the general trend of quantitative finance and Fintech, many top universities have successively opened related majors for quantitative finance, which has become an emerging popular major (for more details, please add a planner to learn more).

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Why do you have a cheating life, a clear plan, constantly position yourself, and increase your personal differentiated value.


•A few years ago, like many children studying across the sea, 13-year-old Kenny Lam left Hong Kong to study in Canada alone. The young Kenny already understood that the world will undergo some great changes. In the era of globalization, not only must Have excellent academic performance, and more importantly, personal leadership : cross-cultural vision and thinking coupled with diverse abilities in the context of globalization . So during Kenny's education, he decided to go to the best business school in the world: Wharton School from Vancouver High School, where he studied side by side with the best people in the world. After graduation, he went to Oxford University to study for a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in law. Bachelor of Science .


Farewell to school, Kenny Lam worked as a highly paid lawyer, returned to Hong Kong, and founded the social networking site IceRed , which became a hit, long before Facebook. Unfortunately, Internet legal supervision and other regulatory issues were not sound enough at that time, and this venture ended in failure. This made Kenny realize that he needed to know more about business operations, so he resolutely joined McKinsey and became a junior consultant, starting from scratch again. In just six years, he became a global partner of McKinsey, and later joined Noah Holdings as group president. Then he jumped out of his comfort zone again and joined Two Sigma.


•From campus to the workplace, Kenny Lam relies on his clear self-positioning to constantly look for his own differentiation and increase his irreplaceability. He jumps out of his comfort zone again and again and sets milestones one after another in the process of constant repositioning. .


•Canada is the starting point for Kenny Lam’s journey. With his love and affection for his homeland, Kenny wants to share his valuable life experience with the children who were preparing to enter higher education now, and help them. Find your own uniqueness!


"Let children all over the world embark on a life path that suits them"


Like Kenny, this is also the original intention of the establishment of Yingshi Education. As the annual sponsor of the OTLF Outstanding Youth Leadership Foundation, on June 17, we sincerely invite you to meet Kenny Lam face to face and listen to the journey of this legendary figure.

Dr. Reza Moridi, Chair

In this sharing session, we invited Dr. Moridi to express welcome and thanks to Kenny Lam on behalf of OTLF:


Dr. Moridi is the chairman of the OTLF Mentor Committee. He served as the former Minister of Higher Education and the former Minister of Science and Technology of Ontario, Canada.

We have prepared a limited number of 200 tickets for the sharing session for students who are preparing to set sail in life , first come, first served!

Entering high school into college is the most critical golden period in life. If you also want to achieve your life goals through planning and positioning, and master the secrets of cheating life, come and sign up for this sharing session!


Ticket price: 30 CAD per person

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