Lecture introduction

Being able to go to the video interview session, the dream school is already close at hand, but it is also a very crucial step, and it should not be taken lightly!

We hope that Ulion students can not only be able to answer the Central Plains questions, but also help you to fully prepare for each interview question. In this most critical step, you can "win" the interviewer and win the offer of your dream school!

Therefore, behind every student who can successfully pass the video interview, the dedication and professionalism of the excellent Ulion mentors are indispensable.

Lecture Highlights

Introducing Tracy

Graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Philosophy and International Development, and a minor in Economics from the University of Toronto, majoring in Project Management.

During the undergraduate and postgraduate period, he achieved excellent results and won the Dean's Scholarship for many times.

Since high school, he has accumulated a lot of teaching experience. He has taught in the British Lions for 6 years and has been praised by the students of the British Lions as the "Golden Writing Teacher of the British Lions".

Tracy immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was a child and is a true CBC.

During high school, he published several papers in famous Canadian journals, and was also an excellent young speaker of TED Speaker and Ted Talk.

高中视频面试&文书辅导 - Uforse Education
High School Video Interview & Essay Tutoring
High School Video Interview & Essay Tutoring
高中视频面试&文书辅导 - Uforse Education
高中视频面试&文书辅导 - Uforse Education

High School Video Interview & Essay Tutoring

Famous school tutors help video interview tutoring + its attached documents

  • 1v1 document tutoring is personally tutored by Ted Talk speakers, business school MBA, and Rotman business school directors
  • The 1v1 video interview will cover the university interview question bank in one go, and the instructor will accompany the whole process to simulate the actual combat

For people:

Students in grades G10 – G12 who are in high school and are facing or about to face college applications

Students who have their own strength but lack exercise and expression skills

Students who need help with college application essays and interviews