X pieces of advice from U of T engineering students

The outstanding students brought to you today by U.S. Lions are
Joyce, who successfully entered the University of Toronto's School of Engineering under the Ulion Education Program!

Q : Hello Joyce, thank you for your time to interview us.

Can you briefly introduce yourself first? Such as school, major and background, what is the current state? What courses have you taken in our UCI?

Joyce : My name is Joyce. Now I am a freshman student studying engineering at the University of Toronto. I came to Toronto in the third year of high school. I have taken python and essay and video preparation classes in Uganda.

This is my offer~


Q : You also did it with us when you applied for the university. Lol, can you tell us which schools you received offers from? Share your college application experience with our juniors?

Joyce : About the experience when applying to university:

1. There is a gradient to apply. I personally apply from mid80 to mid90, which is more insurance.

2. When doing a video interview, try to put the schools that you don’t like so much in front of you and wait until you get into the state (adapted to the video environment, no longer so nervous), and then do the video interview of the school you want to go to.

3. You can write down your volunteers, internships, extracurricular activities, and awards in one document. Many schools have similar problems in the paperwork and can be used with minor modifications.

4. Try not to wait until the deadline to submit materials Because when there are too many people logging in during the deadline, it is easier for the system to get stuck. The system at the time of my application was paralyzed in the last few days.

Q : What parts do you think are more challenging when applying? Where does your background stand out?

Joyce : The more challenging part of the application is the video interview because there is only one chance to show your best side to the university in just a few minutes. At first, you will be very nervous or even forget your words. Practice too much in front of the computer camera. I'm nervous. I feel that I have an advantage because I have some leadership experience, and I feel that the university will pay more attention to the ability of individual leadership and teamwork.

Q : Which teachers teach Python and essay video courses? Can you rate the teacher's teaching style?

Joyce : Python is taught by KBC male god teacher in Korea , he is very patient Although it is explained in English, it is very clear. There are a lot of teachers in terms of texts and videos. I remember clearly the goddess teacher of CBC . She is very gentle (I like her very much!) She speaks very good English and can always understand what I want to express quickly and use it very well. Written language helps me express

Q : Do you still remember which teachers taught the documents and videos at that time? Can you recommend it to everyone?

Joyce : I super recommend the goddess teacher Yingshi CBC! give her a call! Gentle and patient, business ability is also super strong! Writing with her is very efficient. She is very experienced. I will write down my experience first and then she will not make changes to my experience itself but modify some wording to make the document look more professional and written. She is the teacher who helped me the most. I love her so much~

Q : In the face of so many offers, why did you finally choose to be an engineer?

Joyce : One of the reasons why I chose to go to UofT Eng is because I am more interested in engineering, so I want to go to the direction of science and engineering. Second, I prefer the environment of the main campus of UofT. The campus is very beautiful, the location is very good, the life is very convenient, and I don't think too much So here it comes


Q : I have just entered the university, how do you feel? Are you still used to it? Are you nervous about your studies? How do you think your life in high school is different?

Joyce : College life is really a lot more stressful than high school .

The biggest difference is that after you go to college, no one pressures you to study, no one will check your homework and progress, but you must follow up consciously, otherwise you will find that knowledge cannot be absorbed at all before the exam, no Just crammed like high school. But don't worry too much, as long as you have passed the adaptation period, it will be much easier. You must not hold the mentality that your college days will become easier, but take the initiative to meet the challenges.


Q : Do you have any experience of living abroad, or a memorable little story that you can share with you?

Joyce : In terms of life experience, many local people are actually very friendly. Don't be shy and bold when others chat with you. For example, when you are on an uber, you can take the initiative to chat with the uber driver, so you can learn a lot of novel things. can be improved.

Q : I wish you a smooth and colorful university life! thanks for sharing!

Joyce : Okay, thank you~

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