British Lion’s first extracurricular activities and leadership summit was a complete success!


British Lions’ first extracurricular activities and leadership summit


In the 5.14 summit, we invited three major

The founder of the non-profit organization and Yingshi Education,

Shared by outstanding senior students from top business schools

How young people can improve their leadership skills ,

And in what ways can the background be enhanced ?

At the same time, students actively participated in volunteer work,

Venue guidance, organizing filming, and

Everyone arrived on time

A perfect ending to our event!

All the students present had the opportunity to interact with major founders,

Opportunities for community organizations to network and plan !

Thank you to all students and parents who attended the event!

Let’s review the event together!

1 John, founder of Yingshi Education

  • John, the founder of Yingshi Education, shared with us what leadership is and how high school students can improve their leadership through volunteering, business competitions, internships, innovative projects and community experiences . Through these activities, students can comprehensively improve their leadership, develop communication and organizational skills, concentration, intellectual curiosity, structure and vision, and teamwork .
  • British Lions has opened many high-quality volunteer opportunities to students, such as city government volunteers, University of Toronto professor lecture volunteers, Entrepreneurship Hub volunteers, etc. Provides training opportunities for clubs, such as WSSC, OTLF, DECA and Model UN, etc. These clubs provide students with recruitment and volunteer opportunities.
  • At the same time, John told us how to help students improve their personal background, plan a study path that suits them, and finally get an offer from their ideal school. Students who are interested in the above activity opportunities and planning are welcome to make an appointment for free 30-minute planning !

For students who were unable to attend this event, we will invite a professor from the University of Toronto to share a lecture on leadership improvement on May 27. Everyone is welcome to sign up!

2 Yvonne, a current student at Queen’s Business School

Yvonne, the general director of WSSC, a non-profit public welfare organization for Canadian high school students, shared with us why background improvement is needed and her growth path from high school to university. In college applications, it is not just the rigid academic requirements, but more about you beyond the resume, how you improve and enrich yourself in extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, clubs and competitions.

WSSC (We Secondary Student Committee in Canada) is a Canadian high school student alumni association. The club is mainly divided into volunteers, business competitions and social events , providing high school students with a variety of life and learning experiences and cultivating comprehensive abilities and leadership.

WSSC is now recruiting new students for all high school students. It is a good opportunity to participate in activities, volunteers and business competitions to improve your background!

3Outstanding Young Leaders FoundationOTLF

The OTLF representative introduced us to the organization’s activity experience and mentor introductions. At the same time, they shared with us their growth process in OTLF and their participation in activities.

OTLF (The Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation) is a non-profit organization focused on philanthropic causes connecting youth and Canada. The four major mentors are:

Dr. Reza Moridi, Chair - Ontario Cabinet Minister, former Minister of Education Research, Innovation, Scientists.

Hon.Dr.John McCallum, Mentor - One of Canada's most outstanding citizens, former Canadian Ambassador to China, and served as a member of Parliament for 17 years.

Dr. Milica Radisic, Mentor - Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences, distinguished scientist, senior professor at the University of Toronto, Vice Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bradly Wouters, Mentor - Internationally renowned cancer research expert, senior professor at the University of Toronto, and Executive Vice President of Science and Research at UHN.

Past activities:

Public Speaking Workshop with Mr. Rob (Congressman), teaching on public speaking.

Speaking with MPP - Stephanie, how to choose the most suitable future major?

4 MNC (My Networking Club)


The founder of MNC introduced us to the members of the organization and its founding goals. It provides students with professional career guidance in a public welfare manner, organizes activities for students, and helps students learn a variety of skills.

MNC has now launched a volunteer project . Here you will improve your leadership, enrich your resume, talk to Canadian business elites, open your own social circle and get to know different people, which is important for future career planning and development. s help.

More event photos:

Students who are interested in the recruitment , activity information and academic planning of the above organizations are welcome to add Yingshi Academic Advisor to learn more!