Stories of students from 2017 to 2023

Our 2022 students are still receiving offers and will be updated later.

Students share with the Ulion team

2023 Student Admission Notice

2021 Cadet Stories

In the early admission stage in 2021, Ulion Education helped students get 1,600+ offers from top Canadian schools! The cumulative total amount of students' entrance scholarships exceeds 1.2 million Canadian dollars! As an official cooperative enterprise of the University of Toronto, Ulion Education regularly holds corporate recruitment in the University of Toronto, providing a career platform for the development of top university talents.

Jade Fang

Steven Xia

Olivia Liang

Elizabeth LIn

Sam Yang

Maggie Ma

Kate Huang

Jenny Li

Cathy Yang

Frank Ge

Christine Wang

Candice Luo

Jingyi Fang

Even Hao

Albert Qiu

2020 Student Stories

Wanying Zuo

Yujie Xu

Zhiying Wang

Xiya Yang

Ernie Pu

Xinyi Wang

Andrew Zang

JC Kong

Kexin Zhang

Haoran Guan

Xiaoyi Zhou

Ziying Mo

2019 Student Stories

JC Kong

Mike Wu

Frederic Fan

Mirabella Du

Melody Wu

Zaixiao Wang

Peter Peng

Zhuanli Yuan

Andrew Zang

Cathy Liu


Yining Jiang

2018 Student Stories

ChenXin Wang

Diana Dong

Haojun Wang

Ningwei Huang

Cheryl Situ

James Chen

Amy Xu

Leo Zhang

Steve Guo

Hannah Huang

Monica Zou

Bohui Zeng

2017 Student Stories

ZhiShi Sun

Adela Li

Yuxin Yang

Sharon Ma

Katherine Cao

Massie Xiang

Jessie Chen

Nina Wang

Candice Wang

Helen Zhang

Sailing Ni

Yulu Shi