University of Toronto Uforse Scholarship

Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, U.S. Uforse Special Scholarship established

U.S. Uforse High School Business Competition (Case Competition)

The judges are from corporate CEOs, consultants, and senior financial workers. Graduated from prestigious schools

Entrepreneurship Competition

Using the Queen's University Business Curriculum System, held at Toronto City Hall

Uforse Education X IDP IELTS official cooperation

Uforse Education is the first group of education companies to formally establish a partnership with IDP

The first planning educational institution to be partnered with CPA accreditation

Uforse Education has officially become a CPA Ontario certified partner.

2022 Ellie Student Interviews/Feedback

Click to view the full interview video

Reasons to choose Uforse

Uforse - an original three-dimensional integrated service system: tutors, teachers, planners.
The education brand that understands international students best in North America. It has trained 7,000+ students in six years and has gained thousands of offers from top universities.

You will never be alone on the road of building your dreams

Planners choose Uforse

See what parents have to say

The child is home safely, and I am so excited to come back. I feel that this entrepreneurial competition is great, I can learn a lot, and at the same time, I have discovered my own shortcomings! He felt very good about the Uforse team at this event. It was formal, professional and had a good atmosphere. After coming back, he was full of positive energy and carried out self-criticism, which has never happened before! !

--Mother Edison--

Very good. It will have different inspirations for improving parent-child relationship and helping children adapt to the new environment. It will benefit parents of lower grade students a lot. Thanks to Yingshi for providing such a good learning platform.

-Lucy mom

Hello Kiki, I am very happy that the child has successfully passed the European competition. Thank you for your warm and meticulous service and the dedicated and efficient teaching of the teachers. I am very satisfied with the great progress of the child. Waterloo is a child's dream school. Is there a CCC computer competition class in the Uforse recently? He has a foundation in programming and a strong interest to support him in continuing to challenge himself, and it would be great to realize his dream with the help of Uforse.

-Raining Gao Mom

Thanks! Accompanying her daughter through the Yingshi team for one year, you have worked hard, the child is lucky that the application team led by Mr. John gave her important guidance when she was at a low point in her life, and received strong support from the principal and teachers in the new school. With support and encouragement, her universe exploded, thank you all!

-Melody Li Mom

Hello Mr. Helen, do you still remember me? Through your introduction, we signed a contract with Yingshi for planning and lesson packages with Mr. Kiki in North York. Kiki is a very serious tutor, John is a clear-minded planner, and the child is very satisfied ,thank you for your help!

-Sophia Fan Dad

The next university stage will inevitably make you worry. With your backing, I think Sam is full of confidence in his studies! As soon as I said that the one-year elimination rate of the university is also very high, people say that there is no way, isn't it under the guidance of the teachers of Ying Shi? Thank you kiki, for your patient help for so long, I ask you everything. With your help, Sam will successfully complete the application. The child's admission to the University of Skate and Queen's University is the result of the help of the Uforse teacher! Teachers provide careful guidance for university application and document submission. Course tutors are patient and meticulous. All teachers are tireless and considerate of students. Thank you teachers for everything you do for your children. Thank you Uforse Education! Seriously, Uforse Education is trustworthy! !

Bob Han Mom

Audrey has just received Queen's Acceptance! ! Thank you teachers, thank you so much to the teachers of Yingshi, thank you teacher John! thanks everyone! I didn't expect my Audrey to be really powerful. Isn't this a walking offer harvester? Before, the mother was really full of anxiety and worry about her daughter. John, thank you for the talk at the end of 2017, which gave Audrey a lot of motivation and confidence. At that time, my mother was extremely suspicious of her, and she was extremely confused about her own direction. It was you who pulled her at a critical moment. When she finished talking and then came in, her eyes lit up, which I felt very deeply. of. After the two of us went out, for a long time, she gave herself motivation and encouragement with your encouragement and appreciation. Thank you very much.

-Mother Yixin Xia

The child's self-esteem is too strong, and the current state of mind. Your analysis is too thorough. I still have time to trouble you to continue to care about her. And then further guide, dredge it up. If she has any emotional problems, I will tell you in time. It's amazing, no wonder the analysis can be so thorough, so that the child is convinced. It seems that looking for Yingshi to hand over the child to you is the right person.

-Mother Yaoguo Zhu

It is very gratifying for the children to have your help abroad. Thanks to the teachers, thanks to Uforse, how to plan the university, and to continue to cooperate and exchange with Uforse to take it to a higher level.

-Mother Tianyang Chen
大学本科申请指导Package - Uforse Education
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
大学本科申请指导Package - Uforse Education

Undergraduate Application Guidance Package

  • Exclusive authoritative counseling

Please consult us for specific prices

Academic Advisor WeChat ID: UforseAC

Project Introduction:

Based on Yingshi Education’s 8,000+ successful application cases for prestigious universities, we provide each student with the most targeted academic planning and university application guidance. We reject cookie-cutter template applications. Each application step is checked by a professional instructor, and university application mentors accompany students throughout the process to answer questions and provide assistance, greatly increasing the student’s application success rate!

Project highlights:

Absolute advantage in admission rate of famous schools in the industry

  • 40% of international students at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business come from Inspur Education
  • In the 2023 application season, we have received over 500 offers from prestigious Canadian universities, including over 100 offers from the University of Toronto.

Choose a school at 3 levels (important, stable, and guaranteed) to apply

  • Help students determine their major and ensure admission based on their major

1v1 planner to customize academic + long-term career plans

  • Based on career goals and students' actual conditions, we will choose majors and schools reasonably and be truly responsible for students.

Prestigious school mentors assist with essays and interviews throughout the process

  • 1v1 writing tutoring by Ted Talk speaker, business school MBA, Rotman School of Business director
  • 1v1 video interview, a comprehensive university interview question bank, with a tutor accompanying you throughout the interview and simulating practical exercises

For people:

Students in high school from G10 to G12 who are currently applying for or will soon apply for college

Students who are unfamiliar with the university application process

Students who have their own strengths but lack training and expression skills

Students who need help with college application essays and interviews

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