GPS Genius Service Center World Autism Awareness Day press conference, the founder of Yingshi Education attended and gave a speech as a sponsor


World Autism Awareness Day at the Gifted Services Center

Press Conference

The founder of GPS founded Gifted People Services (GPS) in 2012 , aiming to help more autistic people and families get support and help, such as applying for government subsidies and opening special education courses for them, providing a haven for children and parents to share joy and sorrow, learn and grow together.

In order to let more people know about autism and inspire more people to care and recognize it, Gifted People Services held a press conference at the Markham campus. In this press conference, Grant Recognition and the promotion of Autism Month activities were promoted.

*April 2, 2024 is World Autism Awareness Day

Activity site sharing:


Ontario MP for Markham-Thornhill delivered a speech and issued a congratulatory letter


Janic McGurran, representative of the Ontario Trillim Foundation, delivered a speech and announced a grant to the Talent Services Centre for the renovation of treatment classrooms and the construction of additional facilities.

Ontario MPP and Markham Mayor sent video congratulations, regional councillors sent congratulatory letters, and Markham District 8 and District 6 city councillors delivered speeches on the spot.

The Talent Service Center also invited three parents to share their stories. A mother with an autistic child shared how her child changed after receiving government funding for training at the center, and a student's grandmother shared how her child grew and changed at the center.

Mr. Gao Hejun, President of Tianxin Group, the sponsor of Autism Month, delivered a speech, proposing to continue to support and help the community, help the autistic group, and jointly build a beautiful and harmonious community.

John Shi, the founder and CEO of Yingshi Education, attended the event and delivered a speech, saying that he would continue to help special groups and autistic groups and actively provide volunteers for these groups, so that more people can pay attention to this group and do their part together.

Lan Hetian, head of the marketing department of the Talent Service Center, introduced the Talent Service Center and the series of activities for April Autism Awareness Month. The goals are:

1. Raise 50,000 Canadian dollars in April to help 100 autistic children waiting for OAP to come to the center for free to receive ABA treatment.

2. Let more people be aware of this special group, know and understand them, and help them in the future.

Ms. Jiang, founder of the Talent Service Center, gave an opening speech: "In order to help more children who are waiting for government funding to receive treatment as soon as possible, during April, the Autism Awareness Month, the Talent Service Center hopes to raise funds through various activities to help more special children."

Charity performances and concerts:

Fundraising events will be held in different cities in April, hoping to light up the Greater Toronto Area together.


There will be more meaningful volunteer activities in April

Welcome interested students to follow us

Contribute love to children with autism