At present, there are three campuses in the Greater Toronto Area, three leadership improvement platforms,
A total of 7000+ students have been trained, and 200+ faculty members are employed.

Hold large-scale case business competition, Datathon big data competition, high school student entrepreneurship competition,Uforse Cup King Glory League and cross-school basketball competition,

Led the leadership platform of British Uforse to bring 1000+ high-quality volunteer opportunities to students, and the total number of volunteer hours reached 100,000+ .

Provide students with one-to -one academic planning, course counseling, competition counseling, study abroad application guidance, leadership training, background improvement and other services

In addition, Uforse planner, developed and launched by Uforse, collects massive amounts of application data from big data, which can help students accurately determine the probability of admission based on the performance of student data and reasonably plan their application for school selection.
The entire process of teaching will be optimized through technology.
In order to encourage and help outstanding Chinese students to unleash their potential on the international platform, we have launched
The  Uforse special scholarship with the Rotman School of Business of the University of Toronto, and the Coop cooperative enterprise with the University of Waterloo,
Provide international students with the resources and opportunities they need to grow and study.

We define our mission - to let international students from all over the world embark on a life path that suits them.
Uforse , an education brand that understands international students best in North America.

Uforse student data

In the early admission stage in 2021, Uforse education helped students get 3000+ offers from top Canadian schools! The accumulative total amount of students' admission scholarships exceeds 1.6 million Canadian dollars!

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Uforse team

The Uforse  teaching and research group consists of more than 200 teachers, and more than 97% of the teachers are from the world's top universities such as the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. Among them, teachers with doctoral degrees account for 26%, and teachers with master degrees account for 87%.


The Uforse  English teaching and research group consists of 6 senior teachers who are native English speakers. It took three years and a total of 40,000 hours of teaching and research to build up the current top-level English teaching team of Uforse . The team has helped 1000+ students improve their academic English scores. According to statistics, the average score has been improved by 21 points.

The trinity education model of "Teacher, Tutor, Planner" created by Yinglion is committed to creating high-quality course guidance, professional and customized academic and future planning.

大学本科申请指导Package - Uforse Education
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
大学本科申请指导Package - Uforse Education
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package

Undergraduate Application Guidance Package

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Academic Advisor WeChat ID: UforseAC

Project Introduction:

According to the successful application cases of 4,000+ famous schools in the United Lions Education, we will provide each student with the most targeted academic planning and university application guidance, and reject the stereotyped template application. Each application link is checked by professional instructors, and university application tutors Accompanying the whole process to answer questions and help greatly improve the success rate of students' application!

Project Highlights:

The absolute advantage of the admission rate of the famous schools in the industry

  • 40% of international students at Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto are from Ulion Education
  • In the 2021 application season, the offers of famous Canadian schools have won 500+, of which the University of Toronto offers 100+

3 levels (rushing, stable, guaranteeing) reasonable school selection for application

  • Help students determine their majors and ensure admission for their majors

Planner 1v1 customized academic + career long-term plan

  • According to the workplace goals and the actual situation of the students, choose the major and school reasonably, and be truly responsible for the students

Famous school tutors help the whole process of document interviews

  • 1v1 document tutoring is personally tutored by Ted Talk speakers, business school MBA, and Rotman business school directors
  • The 1v1 video interview will cover the university interview question bank in one go, and the instructor will accompany the whole process to simulate the actual combat

For people:

Students in grades G10 – G12 who are in high school and are facing or about to face college applications

Students who are not familiar with the university application process

Students who have their own strength but lack exercise and expression skills

Students who need help with college application essays and interviews