As Canada's most professional university planning application elite team, Uforse Education has very rich partners in the industry whether it is undergraduate/graduate application or the workplace.

Recently, Uforse Education was invited by the vice president of the University of Western Ontario, one of the famous Canadian schools, to visit the campus and learn about the life of Chinese students in Western University and high school, as well as the problems they encountered. The institution can better help the majority of international students to answer their questions, and can also sort out the most suitable study abroad plan for everyone.

Under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Ontario, the two academic advisors of UCI visited the University of Western Ontario, King's College of Western Ontario and King's Road Middle School.

University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario (referred to as UWO or Western), one of the most popular universities for studying in Canada, is a famous public university of medical doctoral degree located in London, Ontario, Canada, with more than 130 years of academic experience. Accumulated and profound human resources background, known as "the most beautiful university in Canada". It is best known for its business program and is one of the two birthplaces of North American case law education (the other being Harvard University).

King's College Western Ontario

In the long historical evolution of Western University, some colleges have been merged and divided according to the modern university settings and departments. But it retains three unique colleges, Huron, King, and Breschel, one of which is King's College. Through its affiliation with the University of Western Ontario, King's students can enjoy the resources of a world-class university while also enjoying relatively The various conveniences brought by the small college size, such as small class sizes, and personal development are more important.

Royal Roads High School, University of Western Ontario

King's Road Middle School is located on the campus of King's University College of Western University. Students get along with students of King's University College of Western University day and night. They can use the library, restaurant and other facilities of King's University College. Department and Student Center.

大学本科申请指导Package - Uforse Education
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
Undergraduate Application Guidance Package
大学本科申请指导Package - Uforse Education

Undergraduate Application Guidance Package

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Project Introduction:

Based on Yingshi Education’s 8,000+ successful application cases for prestigious universities, we provide each student with the most targeted academic planning and university application guidance. We reject cookie-cutter template applications. Each application step is checked by a professional instructor, and university application mentors accompany students throughout the process to answer questions and provide assistance, greatly increasing the student’s application success rate!

Project highlights:

Absolute advantage in admission rate of famous schools in the industry

  • 40% of international students at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business come from Inspur Education
  • In the 2023 application season, we have received over 500 offers from prestigious Canadian universities, including over 100 offers from the University of Toronto.

Choose a school at 3 levels (important, stable, and guaranteed) to apply

  • Help students determine their major and ensure admission based on their major

1v1 planner to customize academic + long-term career plans

  • Based on career goals and students' actual conditions, we will choose majors and schools reasonably and be truly responsible for students.

Prestigious school mentors assist with essays and interviews throughout the process

  • 1v1 writing tutoring by Ted Talk speaker, business school MBA, Rotman School of Business director
  • 1v1 video interview, a comprehensive university interview question bank, with a tutor accompanying you throughout the interview and simulating practical exercises

For people:

Students in high school from G10 to G12 who are currently applying for or will soon apply for college

Students who are unfamiliar with the university application process

Students who have their own strengths but lack training and expression skills

Students who need help with college application essays and interviews