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Recruiting | The cross-generational interactive team sincerely invites youth volunteers!

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We are an intergenerational interactive program of the Canadian Mental Health Mutual Help Center ( MHMH ). Since its official launch on August 29 , 2020 , we have been committed to connecting Chinese teenagers and elders and building a bridge between generations. This special project was initially funded by the Canadian federal government and the Canadian Red Cross, and was co-sponsored with community partners such as the Chinese North American Health Institute ( CNIW ) and the Canadian Youth Counseling Center ( WCCYC ).

Challenges faced by older people

According to the latest report "Immigrant Elders and Loneliness in Canada" released by Statistics Canada, about a quarter of respondents aged 65 to 74 have social difficulties. Loneliness among older adults has become a public health emergency, seriously affecting their physical and mental health, especially among immigrant elders.

our mission

Our goal is to build intergenerational connections among Chinese immigrant seniors, strengthen social connections and alleviate seniors’ loneliness through interactions with Chinese teenagers. Questionnaires collected by our research team show that many elders who immigrated from China are eager to establish closer ties with the younger generation and understand the new culture and lifestyle through the unique perspectives of young people.

our actions

In order to help alleviate the social isolation of the elderly, our youth volunteers provide the elderly with learning, social and life information support through Zoom and WeChat, build bonds between Chinese teenagers and the elderly, and enhance the social participation of the elderly awareness, promotion and practice of positive aging, and promotion of healthy aging.

Recruitment positions

  1. Cross-generational interactive small volunteer team ( high school students in grades 9-12 ): You will become a part of our cross-generational interactive team, Intergenerational Bridge, interacting with the elderly every week and organizing various interesting activities, such as daily English teaching , social media use, Meitu Xiuxiu software, national karaoke, online shopping guide, etc., to help the elderly learn new skills, reduce loneliness, and promote physical and mental health. Your enthusiasm and companionship will make their lives more colorful. 2. Volunteer Team Leaders (current or graduated college students):
  • Plan, organize, and arrange various activities for cross-generational interactive projects to ensure that the activities are rich and colorful
  • Manage and arrange the daily work of the volunteer group in charge
  • Recruit, train, and supervise the cross-generational interactive small volunteer team in charge of the department to help them realize their potential
  • Regularly hold volunteer group meetings and team building activities to maintain a friendly and helpful working environment
  • Coordinate cooperation among volunteers to ensure the smooth implementation and successful completion of the project

Your gains and growth

By participating in an intergenerational interactive volunteer project, you will not only provide practical help and social support to the elderly, but also gain personal soft skills growth in the process of providing community services. We firmly believe that volunteering is a valuable growth opportunity. In the process, you will develop excellent leadership qualities, teamwork skills, excellent organizational skills, innovative thinking, clear communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. These skills will not only benefit you during the project, but will also play a positive role in your future studies and career development.

Our support and training

Our management team is committed to training young volunteers to help you grow and develop better. We provide a wealth of training opportunities, including training in teamwork, leadership, organizational, creative, communication and problem-solving skills. This training will provide you with a solid foundation for your future studies, career and social interactions.

we will provide you

  • High school students: We will provide you with complete volunteer certification documents, or provide corresponding volunteer certification materials according to the school's standard version, so that you can get due recognition in the school and meet the volunteer service hour requirements for high school graduation.
  • Undergraduate students: We will provide you with proof of your internship, as well as assessment documents to support you in completing your study requirements. These documents will be a strong support for your graduation, future employment, and further studies.
  • Canadian local work experience: By participating in our project, you will gain valuable local work experience, which will be of great help in your future job search.
  • We will also provide reference letters to volunteers with outstanding performance, which will increase your competitiveness in the process of job hunting and further education.

How to join us

If you are a teenager between 14 and 30 years old, fluent in spoken Mandarin and English reading and writing, able to devote 3-7 hours a week, and the volunteer period is no less than three months, we invite you to join our team ! At the same time, we also call on parents and teachers to pass on this message and provide children with a rare opportunity to learn and grow. If you are willing to apply, please scan the following QR code:

Registration deadline: The application channel is open until the quota is filled!
Joining us is not only to contribute to the community, but also to shape a better self. Thank you for your attention and support for our project!

BIG Project Volunteering Program

Youth Volunteer Needed
If you are between 14-30 years old (inclusive)If you speak Mandarin or Cantonese
If you are passionate about building social connectionsIf you enjoy working within a team
If you enjoy being creative and taking initiativesHere is an opportunity for you to shine!

What is this volunteering program about?
The BIG project aims to build inter-generational connections, reduce seniors' social isolations, and promote overall well-being.
Many seniors who immigrated from China wish they could establish stronger bonds with the younger generation and learn about local culture through the unique eyes of young people. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many sniors couldn't visit their children, grandchildren or participate in recreational activities as much as they used to. Instead, they sit at home, feeling lonely and disconnected.
Right now, you have the opportunity to make their lives more fun and fulfilling while gaining valuable knowledge and skills that would benefit your academic and professional careers!

Role Summary
This is a remote position where almost all duties are performed virtually. All volunteers will work within volunteer teams, each of which consist of three or four members. Teams will be responsible for daily communication with seniors via texts and voice messages on WeChat. also take turns to plan and host inter-generational workshops on topics of common interest. The objectives of these activities include teaching English, networking, story-sharing and skill building. Attending one monthly virtual group meeting is required and volunteers will get volunteer hours and a certificate.

What kind of people we are looking for?

●dependable, committed and punctual

  • courteous and personable when working with seniors
  • self-directed and willing to take initiative
  • able to respect and maintain confidentiality of others' identity and personal stories
  • Proficient in Mandarin, both speaking and writing
    Deadline to apply: open until filled

Age: 14-30 (inclusive)

Location: remote

Hours: shift schedule, at least 3 or more hours/week,

Commitment: at least three months

Language Required: Mandarin
If you are interested, please scan the QR code to apply