[British Lion Volunteers] Toronto Entrepreneurship Hub offline event is here, outstanding entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial journey!


Toronto Entrepreneurship Hub offline gathering


We are all in the same boat, and the "Zong" pound is coming!

-Networking Event-

Entrepreneurship Hub aims to provide a platform for start-ups to communicate and share. At Entrepreneurship Exchange events, entrepreneurs can exchange experiences and knowledge with each other and receive guidance and advice from professionals and successful entrepreneurs . By attending Startup Hub events, entrepreneurs can accelerate their entrepreneurial journey, build key partnerships , receive feedback and advice, and strengthen their personal and business brands .

Event Details

-Networking Event-

In order to promote communication between Chinese business owners and entrepreneurs , we will hold an offline gathering event for business owners on June 25th ! This time we have invited four groups of speakers for you, and will give you a lot of time to socialize! Seats are limited, so please register quickly!

Activity time:

Sunday, June 25th 1:00-4:00PM

Event address:

205 Placer Court, North York

Event registration link:


* Snacks, drinks, milk tea and various foods will be provided at this event. There is an activity fee, thank you for your understanding!


-Networking Event-

John, the founder of Yingshi Education - He is a post-90s entrepreneur interviewed by Forbes and one of Canada's 30 elites under 30 years old . His company has reached in-depth cooperation with the Toronto District School Board, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, IELTS official and CPA Association . He will share his wonderful entrepreneurial story with us! I believe it will bring profound inspiration to entrepreneurs born in the 1990s.

■ A conversation between Carson X, founder of Sparklease , and Cecilia, founder of Oneliner, two post-90s entrepreneurs! Carson started the business while in college, and now Sparklease is a household name in Toronto. Cecilia's company Oneliner first helped Sparklease develop its website and APP and is a very successful company in the industry. Let’s look forward to the exciting conversation between two post-90s entrepreneurs and old friends!

Ms. Yang, Vice President of Well-known Private Equity Funds - As an expert in the capital market, she will share the characteristics, operating models and investment strategies of private equity funds, as well as the advantages of private equity funds in asset allocation, risk diversification, and long-term investment. The speech will contain a lot of professional knowledge and practical information.

Mysterious guest: A well-known catering investor in Toronto, the return on investment projects is 50-100 times , and the leading seller of water purification equipment on Amazon, with annual sales of over 100 million . Everyone can look forward to it!

This event is full of useful information and will leave a lot of time for everyone to network and get to know each other!

Volunteer content

Toronto Startup Exchange 6.25

Offline gathering activities

-Networking Event-

Volunteer hours:

June 25, 2023 (Sunday)


Number of volunteers:

30 people

Event address:

205 Placer Court, North York, ON, M2H 0A9

Volunteer Responsibilities:

On-site event shooting, setting up the venue, ordering the entire event, checking tickets, and helping guests get seated

*All students are welcome to participate in this volunteer activity, and parents can also participate through tickets.

This event brings together a group of outstanding entrepreneurial mentors and peers, allowing you to listen to practical information while also meeting a group of like-minded business partners. Come and sign up and spend an unforgettable Sunday afternoon with us!

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-Networking Event-

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Students who are interested in this event and the number of volunteer places are limited, hurry up and scan the QR code to sign up!