[British Lion Volunteers] GPS Genius Service Center is recruiting volunteers for the summer camp for special children!


GPS Genius Service Center

Summer camp for special children

● 2023 GPSSummer Camp ●

GPS Genius Service Center

The founder of GPS established Gifted People Services (GPS) in 2012 to help more autistic people and families receive support and assistance, such as applying for government subsidies and setting up special education courses for their children. Provide parents with a haven where they can share joys and sorrows, learn and grow together.

GPS Summer Camp Details

The Summer Camp of the Gifted Service Center is designed for children with special needs . It uses small class teaching and divides the children into groups according to their age and level. Small class (3~6 years old) , middle class (7~12 years old) , teacher-student ratio in each class: 2:6 .

The full-day summer camp allows children to spend every day in a systematic and planned way under the guidance of professional therapists and teaching assistants. Not only can you interact and play with more children in a targeted manner, there is also a spacious entertainment room for children to exercise as much as they want!

Children who have experienced the epidemic need more time and opportunities to grow up, to exercise, socialize, explore, and discover with everyone.

Course duration (eight weeks in total)

July 4-August 25, 2023

Full-day: 10:00am-4:00pm

Course location

Markham Campus: 250 Ferrier St, Markham, ON, L3R 2Z5

Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer hours:

July 4-August 25, 2023

Monday to Friday 10:00am-4:00pm

(Attend at least three days a week/at least 10 days in eight weeks)

Volunteer location:

Markham Campus 250 Ferrier St, Markham, ON, L3R 2Z5

Volunteer Responsibilities:

- Assist behavioral therapists in classroom activities

- Assist in preparing activities and project learning materials

- Help decorate and clean the classroom

- Behavioral therapist assists as needed

Volunteer requirements:

- For students in grade 10 and above

- Have enthusiasm, patience and love to get along with children

-Bonus points: in arts, crafts, painting and piano

or talented in other interests

- Applicants with teaching experience/counseling experience will be given priority

-Volunteers need to be arranged in advance, students who can persist for a long time will be given priority

Students who are interested in this volunteer activity

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