How can high school students make use of the summer vacation time to improve themselves?


As summer vacation approaches, students are looking for opportunities to enrich their

Before you apply to college,

Do you have enough volunteer hours?

Sufficient background for participating in competitions, and language scores that meet the requirements?

Use your summer vacation time to make yourself stand out!


Why take a summer course?


Academic improvement: The summer courses offer a range of subjects, such as language IELTS courses, USACO (United States Computer Olympiad), Euclid competition courses, CCC competition (Canadian Computer Competition) courses, programming introduction, etc. Through these courses, students can get in touch with and master advanced knowledge points in advance, laying the foundation for improving their background for participating in competitions.


College preparation: College applications are based on extracurricular and background experiences. Taking summer courses not only enhances your college application and makes you stand out from your competitors, but also prepares you academically for college life.


Social and Networking: The program includes students from different schools and backgrounds, as well as mentors in professional fields, providing you with the opportunity to connect with outstanding peers and mentors.


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